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  1. JolieJulie

    Day 45

    Still using Environ. The first impression from the cosmetics is very good. The fragrances are nice. I like the textures too. It doesn't dry my skin and hydrates it. Seems like it's a bit smoother than before...Or maybe, it only seems to me... But no effect on the spots by now. Not enough time to speak about the results. Reading the articles on the internet meanwhile and people are writing different things about it: for some it's good, some are not satisfied with what they get. Still don't have
  2. JolieJulie

    Day 35

    So, to begin with, wold like to say that Environ is an "expensive pleasure". Comparing to Dermalogica. The line responsible for acne here is called B-active. They have a lot of everything. As I'm not a Rockefeller's granddaughter, I decided to be very serious about chosing the products. Here we go: B-active Sebuwash B-active Sebuspot AVST1 (moisturizer) Actually, they have other Sebu-stuff but I took the main products: something to clean the skin, something to fight with the spots and a
  3. JolieJulie

    Day 32

    ...And so I saw my dermatologist. Made a few blood tests as probably it can be the hormonal changes which cause the acne at my age. Will remind you, I'm 23. The hormones my doc was interested in are testosterone and mammotropic hormone. And so, of course, my testosterone is higher..tadaaaah!!! So, I was suggested to have a course of hormonal pills but I've been through this already and no huge improvements (besides hormones are still hormones!) My aunt is a doc and she promised to prescribe
  4. That sounds really interesting...I will try vinegar...who knows..thank you very much for the post. Did you apply SPF creams before going out? And did it make the skin lighter, how do you think?
  5. JolieJulie

    Day 24

    Well, well, well...I'm still using Dermalogica..Don't know...but my skin started to be sooo dry...Haven't decided yet what could cause it: mask or booster or both...What if I use it too much...or maybe I apply it wrong...Jesus Christ, I definitely do something wrong.... My diet pisses me off!!! I can't drink black coffee anymore and yes (!!!) I do love cheeses and I will eat'em. We live only once and I can't limit myself all my life. Bygones. What can I say..I'm a sad trash today) Just realize
  6. JolieJulie

    Day 21

    Hello, blogoreaders! Errmm..No matter how this question popped into my head...But...does the lemon work as a "home remedy" against the acne marks? Just asking)
  7. JolieJulie

    Day 19

    HHNNN, So, in fact, as far as I understand, you don’t use any extra sun protection cosmetics for your face? And what about the makeup? Does it have UVA, UVB protection?
  8. JolieJulie

    Day 19

    Hello, everybody! So, the summer has come to the UK too...Finally no more rains...good, sunny weather....Yeeeeaaaaahhhh..Which is very nice because the sun improves my skin a lot))) What about you? Did you notice any changes on your skin during summer when you turn your faces to the UV, eh? Trying (in vains) to find any article or post or anything to convince myself that sun really helps when you have acne pron skin...but..nope...nothing My skin really looks better and not only beca
  9. JolieJulie

    Day 15

    So, hello everybody! Do the mud and clay masks help??? In my life I tried many things. Muds are really something worth of mentioning. There are lots of them: black muds, blue muds, red muds, white muds....choose any you like. Would like to highlight the benefits of the black mud which is suitable for all skin types, but is especially effective for skin suffering from an excessive oiliness. The thing is that the minerals which are contained in the masks are able to penetrate the deep skin laye
  10. Jessy, I'm very skeptical about muds as they dry my skin so much..that after I don't know what to put on myself...It has this unpleasant itchy and astringent effect afterwards. Yes, I have an oily skin but it doesn't mean, I need to turn it into a desert)
  11. In fact, I've tried many things. Mud masks, as well. Today would like to ask your opinion on whether you've ever tried the mud masks. It doesn't matter if you have an acne prone skin or dry skin or even rosacea (as the mud types vary as well and have different effects) Share your impressions if you did.
  12. JolieJulie

    Day 11

    Hiya, Leanna! hehehe)) Merci) Btw, a very interesting article! Me, I was just experimenting with literally "everything" till one day have discovered this (by chance). Always knew, it was good for health if you take it like medicine. Never thought, applying it for ONLY 3h can make miracles.
  13. JolieJulie

    Day 12

    So, it was Dermalogica. It was nice). The therapist asked about my skin concerns and what products i am currently using. My skin concerns are (as you all probably aware): constant breakouts and not actually having a professionally prescribed regime (must admit). The therapist spent a long time looking at my skin - had to examine it before offering a facial for my skin type. The problem was obvious, of course) The whole thing lasted smth like 45 min and I almost fell asleep. What's very interest
  14. JolieJulie

    Day 6

    I'll provide you the feedback as soon as I try it, promise)
  15. JolieJulie

    Day 11

    I've tried one interesting thing - honey and found out that it works as a nice antiseptic on skin. Yes, it can dry it a lot if you apply a thic layer of honey as a mask on all your skin face. But if you apply it locally on the problem spots, it will be better already in 2 days, take my word for it. So, today is my first treament with Dermalogica. Excited to try it, excited to see how my skin will feel after. Excited to talk to a beautician. It's important to do the facials when it's not irrita