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  1. I would dilute it as well, But if the OP has been using an OTC cleanser for years then I would strongly recommend using lemon juice topically. Diluted in a little bit of water. Your skin is naturally acidic and after years and years on cleansers and topicals, your faces natural acid mantle can be in need of repair. I would avoid drinking it, It's horrible for your teeth and citrus is a common food allergen. I would just consume good old fashion water along with green/white tea.
  2. I wouldn't consider Centrum to be a respectable multi-vitamin. Good skin is made in the kitchen, not a result from expensive skin regimens. I would take: A GOOD multivitamin, that's whole food based and non synthetic (Garden of Life or New Chapter) Omega 3 Fish Oil Garden of life's 400 billion 5 day max care cleanse Then after you are do e with your probiotic I would consume fermented foods such as Kefir, Saurkruat, and Kombucha. It would be most cost effective if you made these at h
  3. After years of antibiotics that can do a horrible number on your digestive tract, why not try doing the Hypoallergenic diet? Also I would recommend a high strength Probiotic(100 billion or more) and Digestive Enzymes to help replenish the good bacteria in your gut.
  4. 5% is way to high 2% BP will be much more gentle on your skin, and in reality its all you need. I find by consuming a higher fat intake makes my skin look more plump and hydrated as well! Be sure to avoid direct sunlight as well without sunscreen.