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  1. Hello there nomnomwaffles. Just a question please, what oil are you using to massage your scar?
  2. nomsomwaffles did your nose scar improve already? Was it indented before or raised? What did you do to cure it and how long did it take you to cure it? Hoping for your reply. Thank you and best wishes. Yes it did improve, it's not gone though. It's just very unoticeable. It was a tiny indented scar. It was also a newer scar (as well as the two little indented scars I had right above my eyebrow). These scars were from the end of my acne battle, I guess my acne wanted to make sure I had at least
  3. No way, man! I would take your scar waaaaay over mine! I don't even see why you're trippin on that scar, it's hardly noticeable... And I think piercing over the scar would just create more scar tissue. your scar doesnt even look bad. Like what others said, id gladly trade my scar scar over yours anytime.
  4. nomsomwaffles did your nose scar improve already? Was it indented before or raised? What did you do to cure it and how long did it take you to cure it? Hoping for your reply. Thank you and best wishes.
  5. You might try to massage the scars with essential oils. It helps. I have read that massaging with essential oils would heal scars, even old ones. I also read that massaging it with extra virigin olive oil would also break down the scar tissue and regenerate new cells.
  6. hi road to nowhere. Sorry to say but I gave up massaging the nose. At first it seemed to work but it comes back to its original depth after sometime. I am working now on cleansing and flushing. I am on my third week. I saw improvements on my skin complexion and moles, acne, oily skin and superficial scarring. But i still see no diiference on my deep scars. But I am impressed with the results. Here is the link, you could try this. The OP says it worked after 2 months of cleansing and flushing.
  7. oh do you have any idea whether that kind of diet would actually heal deep scarrinG? And oh have you read the post of ozone bubble regarding her diet and cleanses/flushes? She cured her scars. Deep scarring, keloids, superficial, etc.
  8. fire nature you mentioned in your previous post that you are almost 100% clear. Do you mean red marks or even deep facial scarring as well? And what about a deep nose scar? thank you
  9. Hi attwater. Yes alive and kicking. Sorry been busy these past few days. I broke the fast after four days. So my fast wad short and had minimal improvements. I will fast after a week. or maybe after two weeks i gueess. =»
  10. Make more research regarding water fasting. It really helps in curing deep acne scars. Many had success with this method. Just pm me. I might fast already after a week shiki. Do not be depressed. We are all going to heal. It takes time and effort.
  11. i lost a total of 2kg for 4 days and I believe its water fat that I lost. I gained back my weight very soon after 3 days of eating and I am actually happy about that because I am really skinny. I broke the fast with cucumber juice and a very little slice of banana. I did that for 2 days and on the 3rd day I ate a very small fish meat. By now I am back to my normal eating. I eat high protein foods because I want to fast again after a week or two. One more thing I noticed, i guess my nose scar was
  12. face fat and neck fat went away. I fasted for four days but it went back eventually because I gained weight.
  13. Guys any updates with regards to nose scarring treatment?
  14. You might want to try water fasting. It is the only method I have researched that worked on nose scars. But please do lots of research prior to your water fasting. There are dangers in water fasting when done inappropriately. Here is the thread. and
  15. There might be no difference in the picture since it is not yet fully healed. There is also a white head that popped out from the scar so it is what probably what made my scar less noticeable. Like what i have mentioned in my own thread, I only fasted for 4 days. We have to fast for 2 weeks or more for the scar to heal. And prior to my fasting, i lived a healthy life style. I was a part time raw foodist and vegan, which probably contributed to my fast healing. My scar did not completely fill up.