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  1. i have one month of accutane left. I am clear right now and haven't really broken out for the last month. Does anyone know if it would be wise to take any antibacterial meds after my course to ensure my acne doesn't come back. I wish I didn't ever have to stop taking accutane cause it rules, but I just wanna make sure I have the best chance of making sure my acne doesn't return.
  2. you sound like your acne is giving you serious problems if you quit going to school, which is worse than any effects accutane could cause. Don't waste your time and jump on the accutane bandwagon, its worth it.
  3. Haven't been on here for awhile, but coming back I realize I need to post some good news on accutane. My acne was moderate, mostly on my jaws but it was constistent enough to leave me with scars that just get replaced by new ones. I'm on 40 mg/day. As soon as I starting taking it I didn't break out for a almost a week. Then I broke out but it was just the normal breakout, nothing crazy. After 3 weeks I quit breaking out altogether, maybe 2 or 3 pimples since then, and I've been on it for a
  4. i use Spectro cleanser. It derm recommended and doesn't dry out your face at all. I just use it to keep my face clean from outside environment. Works well and you can get at Walmart.
  5. ya i totally agree with you all. Just use a good shampoo followed by a good quality conditioner. I'm on the 'tane and my hiar feels soft and silky and most importantly- FULL.
  6. one word- BULLSHIT i live in canada, got tired of products and regimes that can eat my ass so i got on the 'tane. It costs me 120 Canadian a month for 40mg/day(Roche Accutane). All I did was go to the local walk in clinic and told the doctor i want accutane and I'm gonna get it on way or another, so he prescribed to me so that I could do it in a safe fashion. A doctor has the right to prescribe you anything, so why wait and spend money on a derm visit.
  7. no offense to dan, he is the shit for starting this site. This is just another one of my wonderfully loved opinions. I did the regime for 2-3 months. Sure it works to a certain degree, but who the hell wants to put all that shit on their face twice a day. I personally felt like i was dressing myself for halloween every time i did that. Plus, if you go swimming or get your face wet at all that stuff turns into white filth. Next thing you know your a walking Michael Jackson. The biggest pai
  8. the problem is people that don't have side effects or if it doesn't bother them don't post, and the ones that do are usually the only ones posting. I bet 75 percent of the people who get clear off this drug don't even bother going on message boards.
  9. im on accutane and still use bp on my spots. i think its debatable depending on your skin type. i have heard of others doing it too, so its not uncommon, its just not recommended because it will make most people peel. However, through on a bunch of moisturizer after or wipe the bp off after half an hour or so and it shouldn't dry your skin out to bad.
  10. for those who are scared about taking accutane due to the side effects, heres my opinion, hope it helps. i have been on it for 3 weeks and my lips are dry and my back hurts like a mother#ucker. However, have i never thought, gee, i wanna kill myself or i don't want to go in public cause my lips are dry or my back is sore, hell no. I would walk around with a damn knife in my back if it was going to clear me up. I just wish people would stop making the side effects sound worse than they are.
  11. heres a christmas present for anyone having trouble getting an accutane prescription. I have moderate acne, in no way as severe as some of pepes out here but it was making me furious. So i went to the walk in clinic one day with only 1 thought in my head - get accutane. If your doc is stubborn, them em its getting to the point where your becoming depressed and anti social. Elaberate on how shitty you feel when you wake up to the point where you go to bed. Another way is to tell em your goi
  12. heres a question for anyone who has used accutaned or knows anyone. Does it seem to bring all the shit to the surface and make your face seem likes its exploding. My skin surface seems to be far from smooth even though i have no icepick scars. my skin surface is uneven but i've heard stories about accutane users eventually having a very smooth and even skin surface. Does this happen even though it dries the shit outta your skin. Any feedback playas?
  13. just a quick question i want answered by whom who have used accutane. its day four and it seems the first thing that is drying out is my hands and my neck, my face is ok cause i moisturize it. is it wise to put lotion or moisturizer on your neck and has anyone use aha's while using accutane.
  14. for everyone who has ever complained about the prices of b5, i am from canada and am using evolution x, which is supposed to be a reputibale source, but its costing me 60 bucks a bottle which lasts only 3 weeks. so, if anyone can tell me the best brand to get for you buck i would be grateful.
  15. im using nuetogena healthy skin moisturizer. it has alpha hydroxy acids in it, vit. c, and e and spf 15. i don't have any more red marks from pimples since using this but i do have dark spots from previous cysts that take longer to fade. The redness sometimes lasts for a few hours, but lately i havent been red at all, so mabye my skins getting used to it. only been 2+ weeks so we'll seen how its going in another few weeks.