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  1. Best preventative measure on the market.

    I've had acne in many forms all my life - comedones, whiteheads, etc. I grew out of it, mostly, but as soon as I hit my mid-20s - bam - horrible hormonal breakouts. I bought this maybe four years ago it when I had a huge flareup after going on a new birth control, and it kept most of the cysts at bay - most, because my hormones are prone to malfunctioning (dairy, soy, sugar, and of course PMS), I'm always going to get 2-3 cysts a month regardless what I use topically. Though BP is not an all-out
  2. Lo-Ogestrel (generic) was the only BC that worked for me. I'm extremely sensitive to hormones, and possibly have PCOS. On Lo-Ogestrel I did experience a initial cystic breakout, but stuck with it and never had a breakout again for the 2.5 years I was on it. Maybe three cysts total. I did have some mild side effects - lowered libido, thinner hair, some water retention and recurring bladder infections - but my skin was clear, my mood was stable. After my insurance provider changed, I was put on Lo
  3. Works on facial scars.

    I'm not reviewing this for acne per-say, but for facial scars as a whole it' a fantastic product' I assume because the product is relatively new it's not more well-known. I used this initially on cheek scarring from a cat bite on the recommendation of a surgeon. The scars were red and hyper-pigmented, much like the leftovers from cystic breakouts, and deep, though not indented. I used this for two months and they completely disappeared - no redness, nothing. And it didn't break me out! Since I'v
  4. Yep, this happens to me each month. Same place - center of my chin, slightly to the left or right. They inflate out of nowhere to quarter-sized reddish not-too-prominant swellings during PMS, and deflate when my period arrives (though sometimes they last the duration). They almost never come to a head, so I just deal with the painful swelling and redness by icing my chin constantly, taking a lot of ibuprofen, topically applying crushed aspirin (BP gives me chemical burns, but I've had some shrin
  5. I'm joining the inositol experiment. I've long suspected I might have PCOS, or at least a hormonal imbalance, which has become apparent since going off BC two years ago. My acne issue is hormonal cysts that appear on my chin each and every month. I have very clear skin on the rest of my face, but if anything plays with my hormones I will face an eruption (or three… or four). My most recent situation was drinking a whey protein shake… which, I didn't realize, promotes testosterone. The next m
  6. rmmcclelland



    I adore this stuff. It's the only thing that helps my hormonal cysts in two days or less. Left on overnight (with a little icing, that always helps my cysts shrink) it seriously reduces size and diminishes redness. I get chemical burns and scaly brown skin from BP spot treatments now that I'm using a retinol product, and the drying cream (which uses mainly sulfur) is a godsend. It even flattened a nasty red cyst that randomly came up on my back, the hardest ones to kill in my experience. Excelle
  7. Necessary.

    I don't have full-blown acne, but I do get 1-4 hormonal cysts a month. They don't last very long, but they ALWAYS leave terrible hyper-pigmentation. I'm very pale, and my skin is slow to heal - the smallest cut will scar. My cysts don't even have to form whiteheads to scar; just the redness will turn brown and stay on my face for months. Even peels don't help. I used this a few weeks ago for the first time and was shocked that I hadn't tried it before' Neosporin works wonders on cuts for me; why
  8. This happened to me a few days ago - a small cyst that I slapped BP on, not realizing strong BP and doesn't play well with Retinol, which I've just started using… It looked like a mild chemical burn. I put raw honey on the rough spot during the day and Neosporin at night (a very small amount, to avoid breaking out the surrounding skin). In two days, the brown scab peeled off on its own, with a little help from me (gentle exfoliation with a glycolic toner (Badescu) & AHA/BHA scrub (Murad)) an