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  1. if i could look like anyone i would choose to look like Debbie Harry in the late 70s,when she was in her prime..i dont think i have ever seen a more incredible looking women...i met her in 2000 ,after a concert,and although she was 50+ she was still amazing looking...thats who i would be...i bet she has never had a zit either.
  2. wow ...that has really made me think about my opinion on accutane...again...your story of endless different lotions and potions,being clear for a few weeks,then your skin erupting again,endlessly looking for the miracle...i feel in a conundrem now,im so used to reading about the terrible side effects of accutane,its really great to hear such a positive endorsement...i know that having clear skin ISNT everything...but i hate the thought of another 10 years with severe acne...nothing else has work
  3. hello that looks excatly like the cysts i get..they are very deep down in the dermis,and they burst deep down in the skin..thats what that purple/red mark is .blood pooling under the skin..sometimes this can leave scarring permanatly...i have been on erythromicin for 6 months and this has stopped me getting these very deep cysts..what are you currently taking?
  4. howdi in the uk at the moment we are having a lovely long hot summer,with record temps being recorded...as well as being very enjoyable for most,it has done wonders for my cystic acne..drying it up till its nearly completely clear! in the past i have used sunbeds but havent had such a good clearing sucess..any idea why? do you think it would be worth trying n.lite? or dermalux? to replicate this?
  5. i have tried literally hundreds of concealers,from the really expensive like chanel/ysl ,but i always come back to my trusty old rimmel ,hide the blemish...cheap,long lasting,fab coverage,doesnt melt off,great shades.doesnt cause breakouts...unbeatable(in my opinion!!)
  6. i drive a silver Audi TT 3.2 Quattro..its like a rocket to drive
  7. howdi i took minocycline for 6 months but got bad hyperpigmentation from it (like bluey brown bruises on my face and legs)its still there a year later but not so noticeable. just thought i would let you know...its supposed to be a rare side effect but loads of people have this side effect,so be aware...good luck tho.
  8. i couldnt believe what i read in the paper today...according to the daily mail ,its really fashionable to (in their words") to fess up to your acne,thanks to stars like Lindsay Lohan and Keira Kneightly talking about their terrible problems with acne(!?)and to people like jessica simpson for advertising Proactive...what a load of ole bollocks!!! hopefully one of them will develope REAL acne ,then they will have something to moan about....silly cows.
  9. hello im really pleased that you got on ok at the doctors..well done! the oxytetreacycline would have showed some improvement within 6 weeks..if there wasnt any by then ,its very unlikely that there would be any..good luck with the minocyclin tho...ive heard that it is really effective for alot of people..dont be worried to tell the doc if there is no improvements after 8 weeks tho..theres plenty of other things to try...good luck..
  10. hello i know how you feel,i hate going to the docs and im 33! it must be very hard at your age..have you thought about seeing the practice nurse for some advice? they are usually friendlier,and easier to talk to than the doctor..or maybe at the family planning clinic,if you want to try birth control.dont give up tho,remember you have every right to be treated with respect by your doctor,regardless of your age...maybe think about changing practices if you cant get any joy..good luck
  11. has anyone in the uk tried this yet?where can you get it done? is it possible to have it on the nhs? thankyou*
  12. hi Tim,i did go on minocycline for 6 months ,with no improvement..what i did get was alot of hyperpigmentation.it looked like blue bruises on my face and legs(attractive) which took 6 months to go after i had stopped taking it..be aware of this (supposedly) rare sideffect.i have heard from others that this ,worked really well for them tho..everyone is different.
  13. having suffered with cystic acne for a few years i was wondering,if all the different lotions/potions ,antibiotics,b.p..etc....must surely be ageing to our skin? some people have said to me.."oh,you wait,you wont have anywrinkles when your old,cos of yer oily skin"(as, if that is a consolation) has anyone noticed this?
  14. lol! rod hull! did he fall off a roof or something? is he alive still??