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  1. has anyone ever got a derm to give ya accutane for mild acne? I did a round about two years ago , I am still braking out with mild acne ( not the deap cystic onezz thank god) , but i am still getting a few big ones and some mild brake out that is leave scaring... I hope the derm will give me one more round..
  2. what soap do or did you use to wash your face on tane....
  3. I have been asking the same thing it is such an up hill battle here in the US, I may just go to T.O and pay out of my pocket
  4. 29 dude hope to do 2nd round next month.. so much for drink this summer and finishing my sleeve
  5. how does it work for my friends from the north,..... Do you go to the derm or your doc to get a script? Do you have to get blood work every month? Does the pharmacy have accutane in stock or do they have to order it ? its just here in the US you have to jump throught hoops to get on tane...
  6. who out there has been on more then one round accutane? how was the out come of round two ? has anyone done more then two? ...........I did a 6 month round last year the out come was ok, I do not brake out as bad but I am still not clear.. I am going to the drem to see if i can do another round hope he lets me do it , just sucks that I moved and am going to a diff derm now
  7. Aspirin Mask, what is that... do you use aspirin on your face?
  8. I find that I I drink alot of beer on the weekends , it seams to make me have bad brake out, does this happen to anyone ?
  9. I have been think of accutane also for my mild acne, but I was told the first week on it I would break out real bad ( I would die if that happens) ...
  10. I am new to posting here so here is my story, I am 26 and I have a mild to bad case of Adult acne ( it seams to be dependent on my stress level) and every few weeks I get one Cysts .. I have been dealing with acne from the age of 16( I am so sick of it). I have tryed everything , they have put me on creams , and all kinds of stuff. I have tryed alot of over the counter products. As of now I find my new Regimen is working ok, but I still get a few white heads and one or more Cysts. I have been