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  1. I haven't posted in forever, but I have struggled to find a good foundation too. I finally found one that looks natural, covers(i have red marks and a few old spots), and i have not broken out. I usually itch from makeup and i can't use mineral, or anything with "cone" in the ingredient list. So, for 3 weeks i've been using Cover Girl(which i've never been able to use) it's new and it's 50% water. CG Pure Makeup and they have little testers on the display. I bought mine at Walgreens. HtH!
  2. Go to makeupalley.com(free to register). Click Boards, then click on the skincare boards and search or ask about the product, or you can search under product reviews as well. Hth!
  3. I've tried the BBB and it didn't work at all...What i have found that works is BP(i use Pro Activ) and if i feel one comming on i use Zycam-it's actually a product for colds(it's the single use q-tip type application), but for some reason it helps w/redness and inflammation. I only use this as a spot treatment and it does work quickly. Hth!
  4. I've been using Eucerin Renewal Spf 15 Day Lotion and i have not broken out from it(i usually break out w/in the first 3-4 days of using something new) and i've used this for about 2-3 mos.. It has lactic acid in it which is a gentle exfoliant and it absorbs quickly. For some ratings go to makeupalley.com to check out others experiences. Aveeno made me break out, and for concealer, Paula Dorf is the only thing that covers for me, you can get it at Sephora. Hth!
  5. I had a great experience ordering from them. They deliver fast, and include samples. Hth!
  6. I can't believe i'm one of the only people that has had results from Pro Activ!!! I used it years ago(about 9 to be exact) and got suckered into using more $$$ products. I just went back to using it again(after i ran out of Dans BP) and my skin is back to normal. Weird how everyones skin reacts differently. I will admit that the first three months my skin was "red" but that's how my skin gets with initial use of any glycolic products.
  7. Linda Sy has a product that has been rated on makeupalley.com that has been very helpful for some with melasma. The product is called Acne Oil Control Gel and can be bought online at LindaSy.com. Hth!
  8. Not sure if you can order online but there is an online pharmacy(UK) that sells it w/out need of a prescription. If i remember correctly it wasn't that $$ like under $10. Do a search and look for pharmacyuk2, or similar i've ordered from there b-4. Hth!
  9. I just wanted to comment on Dans BP gel, it's awesome! I still get occasional "hormonal" breakouts and this stuff helped dry out faster than Neutragena and Persa-gel. I used it twice a day (massaged in really well) for one week and there are faint marks left and no new breakouts. I love that it has minimal ingredients, and the texture makes it really easy to apply. I received it fairly quickly and i'll continue to re-purchase. Along with this i'm only using gentle products, some with Vit. C(brig
  10. Had to throw in my 2 cents. thekid has some valid points. I have never been a milk drinker not even when i was a kid (probably explains the small boob factor) ha-ha. Anyhow, i still brokeout is my point but, i wanted to add that since i've switched to organic foods my face has changed. Organic meaning meat that has not been treated with hormones/steroids "free range" chicken for example, as well as veg. fed/organic eggs no hormones/steroids. I know that this makes a difference for me because whe
  11. If you are using a moisturizer with spf you don't need another spf product. For good recs on sunscreens/other check out makeupalley.com. It's free to register and they don't sell anything. I've gotten alot of great info. from this site. Good Luck!
  12. Hi. I would suggest a very simple routine along with simple oil/fragrance-free products. For skincare just use a gentle cleanser like DDF Sensitive Skin Cleanser or even Dove Unscented Bar soap to cleanse. A simple toner, bp and only if you need it a light moisturizer. This is what i use for my combo/sensitive/acne prone skin: AM: DDF cleasner w/aspirin powder about 1/4 tsp.(its a natural form of s.acid) Biotherm Softening Toner Tinted Moisturizer Spf 15 (Elizabeth Arden) PM: D