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  1. Cleared up the redness / small red bumps / flaky skin. Grains in the pores is the same, i use Duac once daily and a face mask and still have some issues with it but alot better than it used to be.
  2. You can buy Daktarin Gold over the counter in any chemist, Active ingredient is the same as Nizoral. I applied it every night for 1 week then apply it once every week or two to maintain the condition.
  3. Roaccutane will be your best bet, but read everything you can on it before you start. Prepare for it well and it should improve things dramatically for the rest of your life.
  4. So how has it been going with the Olive Oil?
  5. Let me know how it works out, give it 2 weeks and see how things look.
  6. I use the sensitive version of this for about a year now, my derm actually recommended it to me after coming off Roaccutane.
  7. Your skin in the picture looks really good actually, i would guess you should try some techniques to reduce redness and see how it goes. You can try all the various foods etc that could make rosacea worse and see if it has any effect on you otherwise try a redness reducing face cream (eucerin do a good one but it's extremely expensive) or you could try rubbing a little bit of olive oil into the red areas before bed (Leave it on) and see how that goes for 2 weeks? I tried the olive oil on face
  8. Doctor wasn't sure what it is either, thought it could be Psorisis (sp?) but dont have some of the symptoms of that. Gave me some medicine for.... thrush which shocked me a bit and said to come back in 2 weeks.. Really starting to worry about what it could be
  9. Sorry if this is the wrong forum im not really sure where to post it. I have these red marks all the way around the front of my waist which have appeared recently and i have no idea what they are. They are just red marks on my skin with no other symptoms except that they itch quite alot sometimes. Please help as i am really worried what it could be..
  10. Unless it's really really red i wouldn't worry about it, i dont remember the last time i saw someone with a completely clear nose without any redness at all anywhere..
  11. Hey, I'm pretty much clear right now after using accutane and now im using Differin + Tetralysal, my cheeks forehead and chin are all clear and i never get "spots" anymore. However my nose and the edges around it get covered in these little white strands of what must be oil.. they stick out about 2-3mm and i can pick them out of the pores with tweezers but they always come back. Stuff i have done - I have tried nose strips which rip almost all of them out but come back within hours and leave
  12. Would this be safe while using Differin?
  13. I took one course of Accutane for 6 months and it cleared my severe cystic acne (back face shoulders chest etc) almost completely. However it came back (very lightly) after about 4 months of being off Accutane however it was no where near as bad and only on my face. Differin and Tetralysal have been keeping that clear so far..
  14. I had some very good results with Boots brand products and i have heard the clay mask is very very good i just cant seem to find it anytime im in there!!
  15. Ive been using head and shoulders and TGEL (coal tar) for years with very little effect. Nizoral and Daktarin worked wonders..