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  1. What you're feeling now is completely normal. I felt this same way when every single day I woke up thinking what my acne was going to look like. It controlled my life and my happiness. I never wanted to go out or see anyone because I always wanted to hide. Acne is a disease. It seriously ruined my esteem and I believe it's what caused my social anxiety. I took accutane and my life took a 360. My boyfriend saw my personality change completely. I even warned him before I went on the medicatio
  2. Wow! I'm glad you got everything sorted out. I hate dealing with annoying pharmacies that are anal about giving your prescription to another pharmacy. I once had Publix pharmacy refuse to give my prescription to another pharmacy even after I had called them and asked and had multiple other pharmacies try and get the prescription info from them. It was a nightmare. I will also be starting Absorica (because I had asked my derm about this option after hearing about it from a friend) and she ga