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  1. How did u get on? It went quite well,better than I expected-no infection, no hamster cheeks, no lumps, moderate bruising. He started with the rolling, which was more painful than the previous sessions I had had back home, even with the Emla cream on. I could literally feel my skin pulsating for a few minutes afterwards.Then he subcised two fingernail big areas with deeper scars, the one of them was a cluster of scars as he said. Finally he applied the 100 % TCA on maybe 10 to 15 icepicks
  2. You were lucky, you actually got TCA cross for FREE, cos i was charged £182 for the consultation alone. When i went to pay for my consultation the lady showed me the prices and from i remember the TCA was only £97, but i could be wrong. Dr chu told me that if i chose to do dermaroller along with TCA he would throw in the TCA for free, but overall all it would still cost a whopping £250. the payment lady actually told me it would cost more cos of the EMLA cream they would be using at £5 per tub.
  3. Hi acne201111, I'm oriental too and Dr Chu said that TCA is very effective for oriental skin because it was originally tested on Korean skin, and seeing as im only 25 this should increase my chances of good results. Did you only have TCA cross or did he do dermaroller aswel? Also how much was the treatment? He offered to do the treatment for my on during my consultation but because i had work the next day, i had to arrange it for a different day (4th Aug).
  4. Just phoned up Dr Chu secretary today and got my appointment which will be on the 14th July (next week) . Thats is really quick !!!!!! I think she felt bad for me cause I've had to send in my referral letter twice cause she didnt received the first one, and even after sending in the 2nd letter she forgot to get me an appointment hence the reason why i had to phone her today. i also asked her whether or not Dr Chu will treat me on that day and she said 'No' and that i will need to book anothe
  5. Just found out that they did not recieve my referal letter so had to email it to the secretary again. Anyway i asked her how much the consoltation fee is and was told that its £182. That is expensive, but i dont care. I'd happily trade all my money for better skin Also acne201111, im also wondering about whether dr chu will treat me on the first day as i need to book time of work. I'll ask the secretary when my letter comes through and let you know
  6. acne 201111, i was just wondering from the day you sent in your referal letter how long did it take for the secretary to get back to you with an appointment? Its been more than a week with me and she still aint contacted me
  7. I went to see my GP today and he reffered me to Hammersmith Hospital, well i think he did anyway. He printed me off 2 sheets of paper which has a password and reference number for me to "Choose and Book" my appointment. The thing is I don't know if I will see Dr Chu and i can book an appointment and get it within 30 days. Isn't this abit too quick, Im not complaining its just most people on this board say it should take about 8 weeks to get the referral letter and here i am getting it straight a
  8. how much does it cost to go private for 1 dermaroller treatment?
  9. i want to ask my GP for a Referral to Dr and his Dermaroller treatment. can some one tell me wht i should ask for my GP to agree to refer me to him. i want him to agree which is why i need to know excatly what to say, because i don't want to have to find another GP to refer me.
  10. in the korean study they used 100% 6 times right? does that mean cos im using 50% i can use dat 12 times?
  11. how long did it take for you to see improvement then? how much % improvement have you seen? are your scars similar to those in the pic or better or worse?
  12. i just recieved my 50% tca from ebay and tested it on the 4 scars 2 days ago. i just wondering is it worth me continuing with 50% or should i order a 100% and i herd der more effective. my scars have turned into a dark brown colour and i can feel a scab forming. wen the scab forms completley should i stop using the ointment, if so, what should i use instead?
  13. i with you, my skin is really greasy. i get clooged pores but no major spots. i want to go on accutane but not sure if dr will let me also scared of the side effects
  14. i have used benzol peroxide but it dried out my face completely that i look like an old man. it was so dry that it started to hurt and no matter how much moisturizer i use it will still become dry. this has happened to me 3 times and im not going to use it anymore. i have to admit it didnt give me greasy skin but i prefer that to the ultra dry skin, everytime it happened i wasnt able to leave my house for a week cos i look like a freak as my face was red and my skin was peeling due to the drynes
  15. i really want to go on accutane but heard that it causes scars. why is this? if i don't pick the spot would scars form? or does the drug cause scars without even picking the spot? i want accutane becuase of my greasy skin, even though i still get spots everyday, they don't show much as it proper buried into my skin which when i scrape my skin with my nails white paste comes out. i don't know if this is grease or spots but i really dont want it. i want to get rid of my greasy skin as i get it in