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  1. Wow oh wow oh wow!!! What a rollercoaster life is! I had to come back and update because the support here is AMAZING!! And hopefully if you're reading this, it can help you as well. First--I still get some flare ups here and there. Mostly just when I PMS right before my period (which is regular). Nothing that makes me want to stay hidden anymore. I am still on Spiro but dropped down to 100mg, and soon to be 50mg. Second--my doc put me on Loryna (generic form of Yaz). I was SUPER hesit
  2. Well. Screw this. Breakout on my chin and all over my neck and jawline (and only on the left side of my face--wtf). Even with my upped dosage of spiro. Life sucks.
  3. Hey Krissy, thanks for message! Idk about accutane. I don't think I could go through that again, way too many side effects. I'm waiting to see on spiro and just a healthier lifestyle. I don't think accutane will work on any hormonal stuff anyways. I see a gyno next week, so hopefully I can get some info on her with possibly doing BCP or see if an upped dosage is what I need.
  4. kirks


    On Spironlactone (did see results a few months--cysts stopped on neck and jaw, been on it for about ten, then stopped working, i.e. return of the cysts), seeing if it was the manufacturer change that made my hormones out of whack...
  5. I was looking back at photos from March 10 up until now that I have taken of my skin. It is now a complete cystic breakout. I don't know what triggered this and why/how it started, and why it has not gotten better. Frustrated. You can see the cysts that decided to spontaneously brew forth onto my chin and are continuing to make it a home. The neck/jawline is severely worse than it was last month and it is painful and just ugly. Getting shots is not an option as my insurance is sh!t wi
  6. quick update: worse than ever. Four CONSECUTIVE cysts forming a line on my right chin. Now my forehead is breaking out in pimples, with a cyst forming along my left eyebrow. Cysts all over my neck and jawline on the left side (counted at least nine)...cheek/temple area is red and marked. Blackheads are even more noticeable on my nose. Still have a pimple above my mouth/below my nose and then another one right above my nose in between my eyes. So basically literally a mark on every
  7. Woke up crying. Next month will be a year on spiro. My skin is worse than ever. What if my acne never goes away? I know people say it is genetics. My parents and siblings never had any. The only relative in my family that ever had acne was my mom's sister (deceased aunt). Spiro hasn't worked. I am scared of birth control because what if that doesn't help either? Nothing has helped. My skin is all red and potmarked, cysts (painful and sometimes bleeding ones) and pimples all along my
  8. Alright, saw a new derm. It is official, I seriously think all dermatologists must go through some sort of training on how to be the rudest doctors. They are all horrible!! Ugh, I am so frustrated. I didn't get shots from her because she kept on talking about the huge risk of scarring while her hand was shaking!!! Uhh, keep that needle far from me. Then she told me I needed accutane. No, so quick to jump to that! It didn't work for me, and it will not work for these hormonal issues. What I'
  9. Looking back at old photos and how my face looks now, my acne looks exactly the same (which is bad, so very bad). But what is so weird, is that each spot is in the same identical place. The cystic marks I'm dealing with on my left neck and jawline, along with the tiny pimples. The same spot that appears over and over again on my chin. The cheek/temple area on my let side. The ear/jawline area on my right (not as severe as left). The tiny forehead bumps. Nose blackheads. I have no idea why h
  10. A frustrated update in that there has been no improvement. I think there are even more of these neck pimples and a few small cysts collecting along my neck and upper jawline/ear area as well :/ ugh
  11. Sending so many hugs your way Shadylee! I know it is so rough, and it sucks. No other way of really saying it. It just sucks. I do think things will get better. The body is constantly changing, and I do think Spiro takes awhile to adjust. I think it will work for you though, I really do. The waiting game is the worst part. Hang in there, and I am here for whatever support you need!
  12. Hey Tracy, I really don't want to go back on antibiotics. I have been on them so often, I do not want my body building up a resistance to them. I started using an apricot scrub every few days with salicylic acid, which I hope helps. I'll have to look for some of those deals! I think it could be helpful for my blackhead problem on my nose. I don't think it could do much for the cystic jawline/neck stuff though. But I could definitely do that for $60, so thank you for that advice!! There isn't
  13. My face is looking worse than ever. It is so red--everywhere!! The ears and my left neck are the worst. There is a colony of tiny pimples with a couple of cysts closer to the jawline. My forehead has these tiny pimples that aren't large, but they cannot be covered up with makeup, they almost look purpleish sometimes. My blackheads seem more prominent on my nose. My temple/cheek area is very red on the left side. My forehead is so shiny and sick with oil, I can join OPEC. My chin is horrible w
  14. Hey all-- Just wanted to stop by and wish you all well! This is incredibly frustrating, but I really do think that spiro will work, and that with time there will be more clear days than days filled with break-outs. I have found having a good support system is what really helps me. My mom is the best, she helps me through it when I am frustrated and crying because I got the sh!t genes out of my siblings (they all are gorgeous with perfect skin). Some days are definitely harder than others. I
  15. Hey Traci--thank you for sticking with me through all my ups and downs. I saw a new derm on Monday, and I think that helped. My manufacturer of Spiro switched to qualitiest about a month and a half ago (when things were getting bad)...and she and I were wondering if that is the cause. I started back on amneal on Tuesday, so I will see how this goes. Also, healthyalmonds brought this to my attention: ...I am wondering if this has something to do with my jawline cysts and neck pimples/cysts??