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  1. I've take accutane 2 times now and about to start my 3 coarse. Meanwhile I was wondering how long it took for accutane to digest. Thanks.
  2. No, luckily its not that bad as before but ya know how I feel...
  3. No I mean how bad should I wait for my acne to get to see the derm and go straight onto Accutane.
  4. Thanks for the replies... so if I were to go back on Accutane how bad should I wait before seeing a derm so I can go straight back on Accutane again? Thanks!
  5. No, my skin is oily again. Although when I use an oil absorbing paper like nothing comes up. I've been using 2.5 bp, which is working fine, but I just thought I should still be clear... it's only been 4 months like I said.
  6. Ok so I've been off Accutane for like 4 months and I'm breakin out in tiny pimples all over... What do I do???
  7. Hi The Charmed 1... that's such a sweet thing to look out for another person you don't know. Thank you. Good luck with your treatment.
  8. Hi Shmelis. Thanks I just wanna lose a few pounds... when I started I was around 100 now I'm like 107 (5/10 boi) Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.
  9. Hi all. So I have only like two more weeks until I end my 5 month long Accutane coarse. So since ya need fatty foods for it to asborb would taking diet pills before be ok. (Putting the risk of the pills aside.) Thanks guys.
  10. I like it I've been able to drop to my ideal (Well maybe I wanna be skinner.) of 100 I'm like over 5 10 yeah yeah.
  11. Hi again. I know we talked about this in messages a few days ago... so did ya end up having a spray on tan aka a Magic Tan at Hollywood Tan (right?) Anyway, we have a tanning salon on every corner here so prices are extremely low. I know people who have paid over 50 a month for the unlimited Mystic when here its only 25 and 20 for a Magic Tan? I also failed to tell you that when people say it's like wearing make up are they refering to the bronzer forumla in the Mystic Tan solution (That once yo
  12. Thanks for the replies guys... Rebecca I read over the topic ya made... it's one of the oddest things I've ever heard of to use on the face. Since I have nothing to loss I'll pick some up today and try it out. Thanks...
  13. Hi all. Now I know most would suggest letting red marks fade over time but around my chin and area my mouth is all red... so I'm not sure how to fix this except to use a bleaching product. Since I've tried Neutrogena Acne Mark Fading Peel $12, Origins Redness Reducing Creme $70, and Vita K Blotchy Creme $15. Is this a good idea... if so what products should I use. Thanks guys.
  14. So true... everything you said in the second paragraph was dead on with me (Now not so much acne but the red marks!) Yeah yeah would you rather have a bf who is rich and famous but makes you feel like crap or an ordinary boi who loves ya for ya and makes you feel good about yourself. Going with the first one wil coarse wil set the relationship up for failure. Good luck.
  15. Hi Scorpio. He sounds like a hot mess... I can totally relate though because the kinda same thing happened with me but I met him at school and not Myspace. If he would do that before ya start dating or whatever just think of how he wil treat you when he gets cocky because he was ya. I know how hard is... when the person calls, texts, tries to talk with ya in the halls (I know ya don't have that problem.) just walk away. I don't know all the gays I know are like that... it's hard being gay.