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  1. Daz, medshopexpress.com ships internationally, and if you choose cheaper way it costs a flat fee of $14 for the first 2 pounds (1 kilogram). http://www.medshopexpress.com/690682.html HTH
  2. If you need help choosing colors, or finding your foundation shade, please go to their forum. http://meowcosmetics.evecommunity.com/eve Or just email w/your photo to Tammy (owner) and she can also help you.
  3. That is EM foundation in the F/S (30g) jar. And this photo's from their website. [attachmentid=6746]
  4. Hi, Meow cosmetics (www.meowcosmetics.com) does ship to the Philippines. http://meowcosmetics.evecommunity.com/eve/...93/m/4811017493 I love their Purrr-fect Puss foundation!! Because... Totally non-comedogenic Won't clog pores many shades w/matching concealers long wearing & comfortable layerable coverage without shine Good luck
  5. YES, it's same as mine Dont worry!!
  6. http://acne.org/messageboard/search.php O:)
  7. update: I saw http://stores.ebay.com/PureDeming again, then 40% Lactic Acid Peel -1/2 oz is $18.50 now :-s And...Papaya Enzym Peel (powder form) 1/4 oz is @$13.00
  8. Hi Tracy & Maya, Thank you for your response girls! I am using PureDeming's products also, and I love them Can't wait to try their NEW ITEMS!!
  9. They sell Lactic Peel [40%] & natural Papaya Peels at eBay now. / 40% Lactic Acid Peel -1/2 oz $17.00 See http://stores.ebay.com/PureDeming
  10. Hey guys! I heard the Essential Face Complex has been discontinued by Black Opal brand. :-k Is it true?
  11. Hi Maya, O:) I pay $102.12 +s/h for the Retin-A Micro Gel 45 gm tube w/o Prescription. See http://www.internationalpharmacy.com/ You can order online, both strength 0.04 % or 0.1 %
  12. Hi combatscars If you need more coverage with makeup, try ColorTration super concealing liquid makeup! Available Trial Kit with six shades of your choice for $12 at the web-site. http://www.colortration.com/index.htm hth O:)
  13. I experienced the same problem with Skinbio about 3 months ago.. They have emailed me such a thing, when I complain. Dear xxxxxx, It does not look like we charged you for order #xxxxx but something was confused. We are a skin research company and not the best at marketing. Skin Biology