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  1. ahh yeah it looks much redder in real life than in those pics though.... pictures are deceiving :P thanks for the comments
  2. hi, been doing the regime for little over 2 weeks now. I apply the BP only at night now, as I found too much redness with applying it twice, and my skin is too sensitive. I haven't had a new pimple in awhile so it's working great, my skin is just red and blotchy. Will the regimen help get rid of this redness? Anyone offer any help, vitamins, products to use? Also, what kind of acne do i have? Thanks in advance, here are some pics (edited to keep unanimous)
  3. It's just splotchy blemishes all over my face. It's flared up and red...if I could reduce the redness it'd look much better. Does the regimen only work on pimples? Or will it get rid of these blemishes/splotchiness etc?
  4. I only get pimples along the jawline...however I have discolouration, red blotches on my cheeks that are due to acne... tough to explain, I'm sure there is a term for this, but I'm just not sure what it is Do you know what I mean? Red spots on my cheeks and jawline...under the skin.. theyre not pimples though. I get the odd pimple but nothing too crazy, maybe the regimen isnt useful for me then?? I'll try to get a pic up later to show you what I mean. cheers.
  5. Hi, first time poster, been browsing for awhile, thought I'd post this to see if another has any suggestions/comments. Started the regimen 2 weeks ago, first couple days was bright red, extremely dry...got better up until a couple days ago, face got MUCH worse, extremely red now...makes my face looks 100 times worse than it actually is. No dryness, just extreme red. Pimples aren't a problem anymore...i rarely had them before, and now i dont have any...it's just the redness and blotchiness on m