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  1. Double post after amending a spelling error. Sorry guys.
  2. Hello everyone, I used to suffer from moderate acne which after many years finally cleared up. I have got mild scars around my cheeks, get the odd break out, the common small spots, and still have that annoying comnination of dry-greasy skin. Anyway, i was a firm believer in supplementing and still stick to my combination of zinc, vitamin c, evening primrose oil, and fish oil. However, i'm now reviewing all of this intake and whether it's potentially a waste of money and/ or harmful to me. So
  3. I started to use this from last tuesday...and am really not sure about it. I found that within 24 hours of application i got a lot of new very small whiteheads...literally where the pore just had a tiny whitehead (no inflamation) I thought this was fine because its better for these to rise quickly without redness, as opposed to big spots.....however my whole face was like this. My forehead, usually a good plce on my face, had many of these small whiteheads come up, and my cheek bones just had
  4. Right, i've been on the AHA regimen for 5 weeks... My face has improved a little, but i mean just a little. When i started out i used too much too soon, and had to slow everything down, then build up. So from the second week on-wards, my face was adjusted and i used a 10% AHA moisturiser twice a day. I felt this wasn't doing much, so i replced that with a 10% AHA toner but after a week i notcied this just dryed me out. So now i used the 10% moisturiser all over my face at night, then a 15% nigh
  5. I would just like to get rid of every single habit i've picked up since getting acne. From the daily routine of applying creams, finding it hard to keep eye-contact, hardly ever going to university, trying not talk so much or smile incase my face flakes, moving away if someone touches me near my face, never expressing my true feeling to people. How about when you want to say something in a group situation but you stand down because you realise everyones going to look at you. Or having your phot
  6. Well for me its been 2 weeks since starting AHA. Things are kinda of okay at the moment, no dryness or tightness, no real redness...but if i move my mouth a lot it goes pinky red, then goes normal after 1 minute, weird. I had an inital reaction to aha coz i used to much, too soon...so for the last week and a half i've just been using 10% aha toner after cleansing then at night using a 15% cream only on my forehead (most tolerable part) But i have a lot of small whiteheads which consistantly c
  7. I bought B5 and was going to start it but i just didn't feel safe. I went to absoluteacneinfo.com and there seems to be loads of people who say B5 worked but they had to stop using it due to hair lose/ thining. Now for some, this risk is fine, but that just isn't cool with me at all.