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  1. Perhaps dry or oily skin is academic in the end. For people with oily skin like myself, my main ideal is to keep the pores unclogged and therefore reduce any spots i may get. If there is a secondary function of skin to feedback its health to the brain, maybe mine is wired incorrectly, in that it produces to much oil all the time. Perhaps dry skin is also incorrectly wired, and does not produce enough oil. I suppose if acne can exist in both cases, it can mean that the skin cell turnover rate i
  2. Not according to a recent study that noted, among other things, the effect of low relative humidity on sebum production: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.f...l=pubmed_docsum Basically, here's the relevant part of the abstract: "In order to compare the physiological and the subjective responses to low relative humidity of elderly and young men, we measured saccharin clearance time (SCT), frequency of blinking, hydration state of the skin, transepidermal water loss (TEWL), sebum lev
  3. Hi there, Firstly i would like to say Im sure you will fully recover from your experience. I agree, just because certain vitamins are water soluble, it does not mean that our bodys will not react to massive doses day after day. I dont think the scientists even today fully understand complex body chemistry and the possible effects on the system. If i have learned anything its that the body is about balance, and tipping it in one direction at the cost of the rest of the system can cause
  4. Hey! Leave them alone, they are relating a serious problem they have had! Why would they bother to make all that up, go and put your head back up your ass
  5. Hi fuman, Im european (england), so maybe they will not be so worried about pre-scribing it, ill try and get an appointment with a derm. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Hi folks, I have very mild acne (well i consider it mild anyway), but very oily skin. Also the mild acne I get tends to leave little pits. In your opinion would a derm be sold on the idea of prescribing Accutane for mild/very oily skin. I'm pissed off with spending loads of money, and not getting at the root cause. Many thanks
  7. I dont use BP, im lucky i dont really need it anymore, so im looking for a good cleanser.
  8. I wouldn't entirely agree with you there dan. I personally expect a cleanser not to dry my face out to much, unfortunately i find that yours does. I know that you have formulated it to the best of your collective teams abilities, but in my case at least it does dry my face and make it very tight. I think for me at least the sodium lauryl/laureth ingredients amongst others strip my skin to much. I know there are many variables that are impossible to cover when you are making a facial produc
  9. Did you blackheads scar if you picked them out too? And did the pits ever go away? Hi asher, Sorry i have taken so long to reply, I still have little pits and scars, but to be honest most people say they dont notice them. When i can Ill have a chemical peel, or micro dermabrasion to smooth them over as much as possible. If i remove blackheads, i dont seem to scar from it, i seem to get the acne that stays under the skin, and collapses internally, and then leaves a scar.
  10. Hi there, Try and get a really thick creamy one. Gels in my opinion do not work as well as shaving foam. I used to use a foam called erasmus i think. But i cant find it anywhere now. Still im sure there are many more foams around. See how you get on. :lol: some shaving tips here http://www.trumpers.com/shaving_tips.htm
  11. Hi folks, Ive come to the opinion that facial washes however gentle they are supposed to be, dry out my face to much. I dont consider a product that is to drying to be of a sufficient quality to keep on using it. So therefore im looking into cream type cleansers for my face. Do you folks recommend any good ones that you have tried, or are still using. Many thanks
  12. Just tried the cleanser for the first time, very nice consistency, and good value size. Seems a tad to drying for me, but will try it for a while and see how my skin reacts. Cheers
  13. Hi there, I tried your method many years ago, (using only water to wash the face). It seemed to be quite effective, and my body seemed to respond well. someway through the method, i got huge lumps under the skin. I think this must of been caused by the sebum, and cell build up. They eventually went but left pitted scars. So while the method is worth trying, i think it ultimately depends on the rate that your skin cells, can slough themselves off, and therefore keep your pores flowing normall
  14. Hi there, what product did you use for your nose, im trying neutrogena clear pore treatment. It doesnt seem to be doing much? Im sure your skin pore will close after time.
  15. Hi all, Its my nose that seems to get the all the oil, this causes nasty black heads, which are a constant annoyance. At the moment I'm seeing what neutorgena clear pore treatment can do, as it contains salicylic acid, which ive heard is helpful with black heads. So far it seems to be doing nothing. other than accutane, or vitamin B5 to stop the oil. What do recommend for a nice blackhead free, non oily nose.