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  1. Hmm, most of my acne is gone now (yay) but now I'm struggling with my social life. Because of my acne past I've got quite some scars and I still have mental scars from that period. I have no (real) friends (left). Sometimes I feel like I'm in a social quarantaine.
  2. This is my best pic. It's going extremely well now. Before pics you can watch in my gallery
  3. Strange enough my cysts got back at the same places every single time. There were 4 or 5 spots where they appeared every time. - Left of my nose - Right of my nose - Left of my eye (nosebridge?) - My forehead - On my nose I don't know why it happens. I want to know it actually... One of the cysts left to my eye was cut open by the doctor. I never should have done that, but he insisted. Now there's a scar of a cut there. It's not so nice. Just keep hanging in there. They will eventually go aw
  4. Bob03


    I think the reason why it's such a big "obsession" of ours is that we want to close a period. A period of insecurity, anxiety etc. I can say that I want to get rid of my scarring too, after I've got rid of acne.
  5. Really? So the placebo controlled studies are just junk then? Where are the placebo controlled studies that homeopathy works for acne? There aren't any, because homeopathy doesn't work. Perhaps Accutane worked wonders for you, great! But I like to take medicines which are not so chemical. Have you seen the list of side-effects Accutane can cause? And a blood-test every now and then? It's not because the medicine is great for your body. You can at least try something different.
  6. Sushi is bad because it is generally very high in iodine (some kinds of fish are high in iodine, and kelp/seaweed is VERY high in iodine). There is quite a bit of research linking iodine and acne flares. http://tribes.tribe.net/no-more-acne/threa...b6-f0e74be1425a Hmm, but fish oil pills (omega 3) are good for your skin. So I question if it's bad .
  7. I totally agree with you, since I've started drinking a lot of water and started taking vitamin supplements such as Vitamin A my skin really cleared up. I also started to eat less sugar.
  8. I agree with your mother. After I started taking Homeopathy it really helped. Only, it takes longer than normal medicine. Eventually, it will work! At least it's a lot less chemical than Accutane. That's just junk.
  9. Yeah, but these people aren't affected through their skin. If I eat very fat (like junkfood etc.) I always get break-outs. Maybe because my skin reflects my health. Other people get affected through other ways I guess
  10. Bob03

    Pictures of me

    Some pictures of me
  11. I agree with the first poster in this topic. Every morning when I've woken up I look in the mirror and think "Hey, looking good" but then I look again after washing, shaving, etc. and it looks red again. Luckily, it's going better now BUT it changes every time. One time my skin is almost clear, the next month it's worser than ever. It's so frustrating!
  12. Here the same too, but sometimes - when my skin looks better - my self-confidence grows. Last night for example I felt really great and my skin looked great too. I talked to everyone at the bar, usually I don't.
  13. My Saturday-night was really great, for the first time in some months I got out of the house. I went to a bar, and it was really fun. Met a lot of people too,
  14. I think he means that we have to look in his album. This is the picture he means:
  15. I have such a thing too, in my neck. I think it's a cyst that's underneath the skin and can't go out. At least it's different from other cysts I've had before. But drdeadly: mine had been there for over 6 months too. At the moment I'm taking Silicea, a homeopathic medicine. Now it looks like it's getting smaller.