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  1. Dude, get on tane as soon as you can. I had acne for 8 years, from about 12-20. I lost some of my best years because of acne (shy, timid, wouldnt go out, etc.) Im now 21 and have more self confidence than I ever have. Taking accutane was the best thing ive ever done for my face. i wasn't on 1/2 of the drugs youve taken and I still took it. I think tane should be the first thing Dr.'s prescribe. 2SG(no more)
  2. I dont want to be a downer, but i was off dairy (especially milk) for a LONG time and my face never really cleared up. I could definitely see an improvement, but i guess there were too many factors so i was still breaking out. Now i just use soy milk for cereal which has no lactose. 2SG
  3. Well, if you want pantothenic acid, I suggest here: http://www.swansonvitamins.com/webapp/wcs/...tothenic%20acid However, I really suggest getting pantethine. If you dont know what it is read some posts here or look it up online. 2SG
  4. Yowsa...Im starting to break out again... I had been doing ok for the past week or so, I started taking epsom salt baths and everything was on the right track, now my face is about to break out with 3-4 new pimples. There are 3 possibilites: The epsom salt baths are too drying for my face to handle and it is irritating; For the past 3-4 days i had been using vinegar on my red spots and active acne area (the area that is breaking out) and it is having a negative effect; or I am simply n
  5. Umm, its way early to tell if its working. I will update on my progress though. At this point I only have 1 active pimple and 1 active red mark. I think the epsom salt baths have REALLY been helping alot. I've taken one every night for the past 5 days or so, and i'll keep taking them if I see an improvement. I hope to be clear of all active acne within a week or so. If I am, that will be the first time in months. the ony place that I am still gettin pimples is my most active acne spot ri
  6. Yea, good stuff. This will be my 4th day on it. First 2 at 100mg, and 1 at 200mg. Because it is no-flush, i will go up 100 mg every two days or so till I hit like 500 mg. 2SG
  7. 3 pills or 900 mg a day. No one really knows when you will see results, its all theoretical that pantethine will work, but it should. Good Luck 2SG
  8. Yea, i had to get the no-flush walmart kind too, all they had. Im sure it will do the same thing, but i hear the time release aspect can be harmful over longterm. Anyone know? 2SG
  9. just curious, how much do you dilute the vinegar? or do you put it on full force? 2SG
  10. K, here are some tips and things I think you should do: First, the point of using epsom salt is to get out the bad toxins and supplement the body with magnesium. If you only wash your face this will likely do nothing for that aspect. So, I suggest that you take a bath with epsom salt and not just wash your face. If you do the bath, here are some things to keep in mind: Use about a cupful (an actual glass cup) of epsom salts in a 3/4 full bath tub. You want the water as hot as possible,
  11. Well, from what you just explained, it doesn't sound like you were very vitamin smart. Let me explain.. First, its always a good idea to take vitamins before, during, or after a meal, this will help with light headedness, neausea, etc. Second, If you know anything about Niacin, which i doubt you did at the time, 250 mg is a LOT for your first pill. Your supossed to start out at 100 mg, then work your way up. 100 mg the first four days, then 200 the next four, etc. up to 1000 ive read, bu
  12. I've had 2 epsom salt baths and ive been washing my face with epsom salt for the past two days. I don't want to knock on wood, but i think its helping my face. Im gonna take one bath every night if i can so hopefully it will help and i will see an improvement. 2SG
  13. yea, its a lot of pills, but its really not that bad. I'd take 100 if i knew it would get rid of my acne, hehe. Of course im still hungry. Actually, I probably eat WAY too much during the day, and i eat big meals. My shipment came in after 2 whole days, but tahst becuase I did 2 day air. And Yes the garlic are supplements. I recently read that they aren't comparable to real fresh garlic, but i dont care, I'll still take them. 2SG