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    GOD above all. but since I started stayin at home more often cuzz of my scarring I really developed an interest 4 video games, but when I do go out I like fishing, camping, atv's, jet ski's all that ill azz out door fun!!:)<br /><br />oh, and graffitti art. cant 4get graffitti art
  1. YES. i did this for years and years and years because i had/ still have anxiety related obsessive compulsive issues, and i would nervously tear away at my skin every day. the worst part is i always used to do it on even the tinyest most insignificant bumps on my face that weren't even fully formed pimples, so half the time i was just tearing into my skin for no reason, just the mental problem i had of imagining my acne to be 10x worse than it really was..... the time my skin looked the worst,
  2. Nice to see you're a modest guy. n-e way, I need help here, not jealous sarcasm.
  3. thats what I said genius, Im juss saying better safe than sorry. and I never said it would happen to EVERYone else dork. I said peopel with acne period. what kinda loser answers 4 sum chick he doesnt even kno. n-e-way go pat urself on tha back 4 enlightening me, Im sure u deserve it hahah.
  4. get some oven mits, (make sure thier clean) or those other mits they make kids wear when they get chicken pox. that should help u at night. and ya accutane can skrew u up really bad, thats y u gotta see a derm. to go on it. its illegal if ur not being monitored while on it. its been reported that accutane has side effects years afterwards, so many of you wont get it right now, i dont know exactly how accutane works, whether its an antibiotic to be ingested or some kind of topical oi
  5. DO NOT POP IT. unless u want a scar. if ur treating it with anything. get a circular band-aid, place the cream on tha pimple/white cloth part of the band-aid and sleep with it on. (unless u dont mind wearing it during tha day) it will go away by itself. if ur not traeting ur skin with anything (see a dermatologist)
  6. back in my corner??o.....k .....the fuck?? where did u learn how to insult people hahah. r u blind r sumthin?? n-e-way I didnt say nuthin about dating reasons, Im juss sayin we should support each other. and if u had SHOCKING acne thats all tha more reason ta be supportin these ideas with better critisisms. not bustin out call-n people pathetic, like thats gonna help.
  7. shut tha fuck up already, when ur ass is suffering with bad acne than ur bitch ass can say sumthin about how we think of ourselves, and who we should be with. u dont even got 1 pic posted up so all u who say itz pathetic, sound pretty damn pathetic urselves. u dont know how this shit feelz so shut tha fuck up.
  8. do any of you know of a mineral based make-up that can cover acne scars?? if so please tell me about it, it would really help me alot. thanks:)
  9. ok, so Im.... or should I say was, a pretty damn good looking guy. I started getting Acne at age 13 no big deal at first, I was active in sports, had madd girls, friends, partys, all that good stuff. but as tha shit got worse and worse as tha years past I started getting timid and quiet and sooner than later became more of a loner than the person I reallly was. I was told ull grow out of it, Itll get better and alotta other BS. after finally getting and having severe acne, (and scars) I went to
  10. u might not respond well to acutane, and it is only used in severe cases. but i recognize what ur describing. u should try going on a less serious anti-biotic. doxycyclin (spell check) should really help with ur acne. ask ur dermatologist about it. (or just get a second opinion from another derm.)
  11. damn homie, I fell ur pain, first off no matter what, DO NOT POP OR LANCE any of them, trust me. u dont want scars when u get rid of this crap. do ur parents have insurance?? if nuthin is workin 4 u, u should see a Dermatologist Asap. he/she'll take care of u fa sho man. stay up....
  12. downer?? WHATT!! it was realistic. Im juss tryin ta help um out, I never said ALL acne either, so calm down. My skin went from mild to moderate to severe, and all these punk ass people kept tellin me it would get better, ehh WRONG. I dont want that to happen to anyone else. I wound up have-n ta go on accutane (which has the ability ta mess ur body and mind up really really bad) skrew that!! and gentle exfoliating cleansers are crap!
  13. ay man, u got the mild form, so I suggest takein this shit out b4 it turns to moderate or severe, theres a cream called "Avar gel", and a cleanser called "Roseaderm cleanser", try and get those from a dermatologist (u should see one b4 it gets worse) and go to a drug store and get some "zinc supplement" that should knock out ur problem. oh, have u tried "poactive soloution?" it works really well for mild and moderate acne!! good luck man.....