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  1. I wanted a mud mask to soothe my skin and calm my redness (from the BP.) My skin isnt that sensitive, i dont really break out easily :) Thank you for the advice! :)
  2. I think it has other ingrediants, its supposed to be Deep Cleansing. I think i'll try it and see how my skin reacts! :)
  3. I recently started the Regimen for the 2nd time. My skin has definitely improved and on it's way to being clear. I recently found this mud mask, it's made by the brand Formula 10.0.6 I want to incorporate it into my routine once a week. Do you guys think that is a good idea? Or should I wait until my skin is totally clear? Thanks again!
  4. Thank you for that, it made me feel a lot better! Since I'd posted this, my skin has cleared up a lot! Currently only have one pimple and the rest are just bumps:)
  5. in my picture im wearing TheBalm Bronzer and Fit Me powder on my spots:)
  6. Yeah, that is true. Last time i did the Regimen it took me about a month to clear, so i guess thats why im upset about my skin not clear yet. I guess each time is different.
  7. Hello, ive been on the Regimen about 2-3 weeks now. I use the Regimen only once a day, this may be why im not clearing up. It's also my 2nd time doing the Regimen, if that changes anything. Should i start doing it twice a day? I want my skin to be clear by August 18, when my school starts again. Thanks for your help:)
  8. I wanted to try to speed up the process by starting off with a little bit more BP than usual, as i go back to school in a couple weeks and i dont want to go back with gross spots i wanted to try to get rid of my spots asap, but this burning is so bad! By the way, since i look like a tomato, do you have any organic/all natural BB creams you reccomend? Right now all i have is Dream Fresh BB cream and boy does it sting hopefully mine will go away as well! did your face turn bright red, too?
  9. I have TERRIBLE burning. My face is super red, and feels like acid. My skin didnt react like this the first time i did the Regimen, This is my second time doing the Regimen. This is my 3rd day. Ive been doing the Regimen twice a day. Heres what ive been doing: - 2 pumps of Dan's cleanser - about 1/2 pump of BP - 2 pumps of Cetaphil Lotion Will this burning go away? I want to go out tomorrow but i dont know if i want to with my bright red face, and putting makeup on would make it burn more. D
  10. Hello, i broke out about 2 weeks ago with small under the skin bumps across my forehead. I startedusing Ultra Clear acne cream, hoping to get rid of then, and it has actually gotten worse. Do you guys recommend anything for me? To get rid of these gross red bumps? Or is this a skin phase from using the Ultra Clear? thank you for your help:) !!!!!!!!picture is attached!!!!!!!!
  11. I recently broke out around 2 or 3 days ago. ( i broke out because i was using salicylic acid where it was not needed.) The pimples are small, under the skin, and no heads. One of them had a head that i popped, and now the zit is big and red. How do i get rid of these? My last day of school is soon and i dont wanna look like a pimply mess. Thank you! <3 By the way, i stopped using the salicylic acid immediatly after i broke out.
  12. i dont believe my acne is hormonal, im pretty sure this breakout was caused by a salicylic acid treatment i was using. I hope it goes away soon!
  13. i will do that! Should i completely start the regimen over, or begin where i left off or will that be too much for my skin to handle?
  14. im 13, but i dont believe my acne was hormonal. I wore heavy makeup in the 6th grade an i didnt wash my face. I even slept with makeup on sometimes...yuck. I stopped wearing makeup though, so!
  15. Thank you very much! I stopped using the Burt's bees the second my break out started, so hopefully they'll clear up in the next week or so.