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  1. how much baking soda should i be using for this?
  2. i kind of have the same problem. in the morning i dont put BP on my face and i have no problems, at night time, after putting on BP i wait a few mins and then put a cetaphil moisterizer on and it burns/stings in some places. i guess its something in my moisterizer?
  3. hang in there and im sure u will be happy with the results. as for feeling sad i was the same way, but i dont think it was the accutane that did it, i think just by remembering to take the pill everyday u think about your acne and how "bad" u think it is, even if it isnt bad at all. just try not to focus on it too much, stay away from the mirror, find something u enjoy doing to take ur mind off it
  4. trust me, once u start getting out more u will really notice a difference in your skin from not touching or picking at it, and not being able to look in the mirror every 5 mins. not to mention your confidence will go up when u realize that there are ppl out there that will like u no matter what ur skin looks like. i was the same way, no friends, no life, stayed at home and did nothing, now that i am forced to get out more (job) im starting to get that back
  5. get out of the house more find a job if u dont have one or something, thats what made me stop, i used to be the same way and now i hardly touch my face
  6. i had they with whiteheads before i used BP gel, now i dont really break out anymore, its just old stuff dissapearing once in a while ill get a new one, usually on the forehead, but these red dots on the side of my face just wont go away
  7. sounds similiar to what my skin is like. if u find anything good let me know , what do u use for a moisterizer during the day, right now im using a cetaphil moisterizer but when i hate the oily look to it, even when i just use a little it looks like my face is glowing or something
  8. to be honest i cant even remember, i think i have because the side of my face where i have the dots, is where i had acne the worst, i dont know if the dots are scars, or still old acne going away or what
  9. after using the BP gel for about 2 months i dont really get new acne anymore, maybe 1 or 2 spots a month that dissapear quickly which is good. the problem i have is on the sides of my face, and along the jawline i have these red dots, the skin is smooth, with no bumps where the dots are and ive had them for a long time so i dont think its acne forming...anyone know what they are or how to get rid of them? >.< any help appreciated!
  10. i got the same thing, i finished accutane about 2 months ago and it was great and now within the last 2 days ive gotten like 3-4 big noticable acne spots back. im hoping that it was just from stress in school or something but ill just leave them alone and see if they go away
  11. i just finished acutane about 2 weeks ago. I am not really getting chapped lips or skin anymore but im not sure what i should be using as far as products to wash my face n such. Should i continue using the same stuff that i was using while i was on acutane or should i get stronger washes? My face is still pretty red from using acutane (grr i hate it, looks like im blushing 24/7 lol) how long does that take to fade. I still have some acne but its not.....dunno how to describe it. if u touch
  12. i have this ethromycin stuff in a applicator bottle i was just wondering when the best time to put it on my face would be.....right now i put it on after i wake up n b4 i go to bed. but i dont know if thats a good time at night because it might get like wiped off on my pillow and not work right? i dunno any help would b great
  13. well my acne isnt horrible but it bothers me ya know? the meds i take seem to work really well for a while and then boom ill break out in the middle of nowhere i dont get it
  14. yea ive gone to the docs they gave me ethromycin (however u spell it) pills and ethromycin stuff to put on my face.....works off and on
  15. i dont know whats wrong they just wont go away.....i dont even touch my face and yes it has gotten better but sum of them just dont leave! making me so mad
  16. 1) dont look in the mirror......thats what i did and mine are going away so fast. 2) who cares what ppl think if they want to judge u by ur face let them go right ahead im sure they're missing out on great friends. 3) i dont tan, never have just dont touch ur face or anything for a week or 2 and u will notice a difference then it just becomes easier and u get happier and happier
  17. i have like 3 pimpes/zits/red marks not sure what they are cant feel them but they're red and there only on my right temple area.....i dont understand i use to have them on my left side too but those went away in a few days these have been here for a long time and they never go away UGH
  18. no i use this equate gentle soap with ethermycin (howerever u spell it) seems to work wonders
  19. omg my face has improved like 200% in the last week im so happy everything is going away! for like the last 2 months ive been ignoring the mirrors around the house and i finally decided to take a look today and . cant wait for them to be completely gone / /
  20. well i think im gonna stick with my old soap that was working really well and then i used this clean and clear stuff for liek 2 days and its like back to where i started GRR
  21. is it possible that syalic acid can cause u to break out? cause i was using this gentle soap stuff and then i tried some clean and clear stuff and now it seems to be getting worse....just wondering if its possible thanks
  22. yay!! my face actually looks like its getting better!! its not perfect but im happy that its getting better my goal is to be 100% clear by christmas....i think i can i think i can
  23. honestly i do not care about the acne the only thing that gets me is the redness that never seems to go away no matter what i do ](*,)
  24. BLAH stupid things!!! why cant u just go away UGH.....dont mind me im just venting.....this sucks ass i dont even touch my face and it seems to get worse!!! ill go to bed with no sight of anything in a certain area and ill wake up with fuckin 3 zits of pimples or whatever u wanna call then....ugh makes me so mad
  25. i know what u mean....i've tried everything and everything left my face all red and that feeling....ICK. well i tried this equate Skin Cleanser (gentle formula) that stuff rocks.....leaves ya all nice a freash feeling stopped that nasty feelin after the first few times i used it. dunno if it will work for u but if u can find the stuff give it a shot