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  1. tip : lose the glasses, the beird and get a buzz cut. Why? I like the hair ;)
  2. We're saying that you will have it easier in life in certain situations if you're good looking. That doesn't have to mean you will be happy. Sure after a while it is your substance that matters, but in today's fast-paced world sometimes you only have a minute to impress someone. Actually when you initially meet a person you make up your mind about them within 15 seconds...of course later your opinion may change as you get to know them, but let's face it, if you have a job interview the recru
  3. This could easily be turned into a dating site I guess I can't bitch but I have worse days
  4. i want sex lol so buy it if u want it that bad. i feel sorry for your future gf. are you teh type that dumbs a girl because she sais shes not ready for sex? Whatever! I'm a girl and would dump a guy who wouldn't want to have sex with me If you're not on the same page with someone then hey...break up now instead of arguing and suffering together for a long time. Some of us are just more sexual than others, period. I hate girls too Anyway, to answer the original p
  5. That's interesting, do you guys really think that using one product for too long can hurt your skin, or stop working for you? Many girls think that alternating shampoo and conditioner brands work better on hair, but I 've recently found out it's not true. So I wonder, if it works, should you still try to fix it? As to Proactive, I regret ever spending $$$ on it...all those Proactive celebrities really get to you though CSR is soooo much cheaper, and it works wonders, at least for me.
  6. Tis true and proven by many studies: attractive ppl are more likely to get a job or promotion, get help from strangers, be treated better by teachers, get less harsh sentence in court, etc. And it is psychological...our minds associate good qualities with people that appear pleasant to our eye. Also, we subconsciously think that good looking people posess superior genes so naturally you would want to marry someone who's deemed "attractive" to continue the trend by procreation. As for me, hec
  7. If you're light skinned and you get a tan, your skin is telling you "I'm sick!" You don't have to be a vampire and only come out at nights...but too much sun is NOT good for anyone. Even back in the day royalty never appeared in the sun without umbrellas, hats, or slaves providing some sort of artificial shade. As to the pale=unattractive idea, I'm really sick of this trend. I hope tanning will go out of style soon, and I'm really glad to see celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Scarlett John
  8. Exercising, yoga, etc. are all suppossed to work but if you're lazy then go and get a prescription for Zoloft or Xanax
  9. It's only bad for about the first week...then you really get used to it. One thing that helped me in the beginning was pouring it straight into my throat with my head leaned back. That way the oil does not come into contact with taste buds and you just don't feel it. P.S. Oil form is best absorbed by your body, a lot of ppl do not get the same results with the pills
  10. Whaa? Why not? If there's chemisry and time... Omg! Can u take some before and after pics? I think this should be the New SKIN REGIMEN on acne.org
  11. As someone mentioned above, facial attractiveness can be measured by its symmetry, among others. I've conducted research on physical attractiveness while in college, and there is some universal agreement on what constitutes a pretty face and an unattractive face. But of course as with every study, there are variations depending on the individual! If there is a consensus among a sample majority (alpha<.05) then we make a case and say "most people prefer this over that". Anyway, here's a g
  12. Oh yeah, that will happen...(not). Anyway, it would be pointless for them to bottle up sperm since its life is limited to something like what, 72 hours? Something close to that anyway.
  13. Don't offer your shoulder for him to cry on cuz you'll just become his rebound girl and that never lasts long. He has to see you as a potential girl to get laid with, not a friend counselor. If this guy is young and/or shy you might have to make the first move...or get him liquored up so he can work up the courage to hit on you Good luck!
  14. Finally a realistic reply :rolleyes: Karma is BS! There's millions of people who never do any good and get away without paying the price. I think if you believe it, it will happen to you, i.e. you think everything bad u do will come back to hunt you, well, it will cuz you're setting yourself up for it. Anyway, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger so keep your eyes on the prize and to hell with everyone else. Life's too short to let people get to you and ruin it.
  15. Admin was the 1st one to respond! Anyway, I guess I should have known better than to ask a male audience about sperm and get a serious answer I have an idea, why don't all males on here try it for the next week and then report back to me with results? I'm dead serious....DO IT!
  16. wOw! Your story is really interesting. Congratualtions on your success! One question, what really caught my attention is when you said you had no initial breakout after accutane; is that true for your third treatment, or did you not have one during your first and second as well? Thanks!
  17. Sorry if this is a repeat by any chance... So, yesterday I talked with a woman that is 35 and who has really beautiful skin. She told me that she has been battleing acne since she was 14, right until 5 years ago. I asked for her secret, and she told me that at least 4 times a week she takes her husband's sperm (I don't think I need to explain how? ) and she puts it on her skin for at least half an hour (eew?) She claims it has done wonders not just for her acne but also wrinkles. Does th
  18. I was just wondering, can you guys tell me what strength of Accutane did you have? I heard people with mild acne usually get 10mg, but then someone told me it's not really worth taking it if your dosage is so low.
  19. I used to do that to, but sometimes there is just no bathroom I'd get them in cars, traffic, middle of the city, crowded bars...I think it's just the feeling of having no way out that gave me the creeps....thank God I got over it....it's hard to have a normal life when u have random panic attacks in public, unless if normal 4 u consists of locking yourself at home.
  20. Czesc Jrodthepolock! Yes that seems to be the case...but the final effect might be worth the try: one week of bad acne, and in turn months or even years without it-I think it's worth it. Good luck, pozdrowienia, Claudia P.S. Where are you from?
  21. It seems that u don't even know for sure that she cares about this first month anniversary. Honestly, I'd say forget it. It's only a month, it's not a year or the big 25 I totally don't give a damn about any anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, etc. I think giving someone flowers unexpectedly on a regular Monday morning is the best thing in the world. Cuz everyone expects to get them on Valentine's day, u know? It's not special cuz u know you're getting it. Anyway, my advice is to wait f
  22. I used to get nervous around my ex, always worrying that my make-up would come off. Too much is never good, cuz u don't wanna ruin his favorite white shirt (didn't happen to me thank God, but some of my girlfriends had this accident) This was all until we took a bath together, and of course all my make up came off in the steam. I was petrified, and he asked me what was wrong. I just mumbled that my skin looks like crap. Here's what my ex said (he's still my hero for this even though we're no
  23. Don't be scared of make-up! I have been using it for years and I have seen no correlation what so ever between foundation and my skin breaking out. I am also very pale and I like the natural look, so here's what I'm using that I would recommend: Sephora primer (only if I know I'm going out for more than 5 hours) Maybelline Matte Mousse-I'm surprised no one is using this here?! It gives you the smoothest and most natural coverage ever! Yoopergirl-get the lightest one or second lighte