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    Perfect companion to any drying medication.

    Perfect companion to any drying medication.

    One thing I've learned in this acne battle, you can't treat acne when skin is overly dry or worse burnt. Drying medication can torture your skin like that, rob moisture from your skin leaving it with scars, discoloration and very painful acne infested skin. I have used retin-A which made it so difficult to smile or laugh since it stretches your skin when it's super dry. I have also used benzoyl peroxide which can leave you burns if you used as spot treatment and not in moderation. Let's admit it the sight of pimple makes you want to burn the pimple and go crazy with medication. At least I have so many darn times. Moisturizer helps but the addition of jojoba oil does wonders! Moisturizer is easy to spread when mixed with jojoba oil and seems easier to be absorbed by my skin. I use Regimen moisturizer from the big kit so one pump of that plus one tiny drop of jojoba oil, also from this site is now part of my morning and night routine. I mix them on my palm with my finger and viola! Spreads so easy and you feel it working instantaneously! It's amazing to see your face glow even when you've used some BP the night before. I apply moisturizer/jojoba oil mix on top of very thinly spread BP. I don't need BP as much anymore. Regimen saved my face and back! So I had to try this jojoba oil :). I don't have any problem with the container maybe because I'm careful about putting a drop. You don't need to be uber generous with the jojoba oil a single drop makes a big difference already so I think it's a good buy. I will certainly buy again and recommend to my sister.
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    When investing in cream, lotion or medication, you don't want to see them wasted but evenly spread all on your back. And this body buddy is the perfect solution for that! I tried the stick with foam from Amazon and old handkerchief. From pricey to home-made solution, I had no luck but this one seems to be a keeper because it truly has no mess or leftover residue because of the material unlike foam or any fabric. I was hesitant at first when I read some of the reviews that the garter handles get deformed after awhile but it looks like good quality to me and I don't have to use the handle anyway, small section is able to reach my back so I hold onto the leather piece.
  3. Jdnery

    Use with caution

    Use with caution

    Like many posters here, I also have tried anything and everything under the sun. I tried both home, over-the-counter, and prescription drugs, topical and oral. I sought help from medical professionals for three years now. Like everyone here, I too had countless attempts on this trial and error cycle until finally I tried the Regimen which turned out to be a success in the long series of failure. I wish it was the first and only solution I have ever tried. I am posting this review in hopes that I can save someone the time and money by telling you my positive experience with this product. The Benzoyl Peroxide is key to the kit so I decided to write a separate review for it. If you watched Dan's video and read the instructions, I want to reiterate that you should really use the product with caution and as directed. "Use liberal" ONLY when your skin had adjusted to the strength of BP. Believe me, I had burnt a few spots on my face when I used it as spot treatment Luckily, I already have Elta MD Intense Moisturizer that has paraffin wax which is specifically used after laser surgery and/or in conjunction with any drying medication like retin-A. Just the same, the burnt area went away and cleared but if you can prevent having to go through burning, do so by following directions! Do not be stubborn like me :) The effectiveness of the product is really dependent on how committed you are to using it properly. I have experienced the cystic acne around and under my chin too but only lasted a few weeks. If I had given up then, I wouldn't be as happy as I am now with the results I am seeing everyday. It probably was just an adjustment period because after that any new breakout just clears right away and had become less and less of an occurrence. It doesn't have any strong odor. It whitens and brightens your skin so great for removing acne scars. It dries the pimple and lets the bad skin peel off on it's own. If you use the moisturizer provided in the kit, the drying effect of this BP is offset and you will gain a better balance. I am truly happy to have found this and I intend to use it for a long time. I have set up a subscription on my first purchase which arrives on timely fashion. It is that good of a product that I am committing indefinitely. I did score it one less star because it has initial breakout and is super drying for sensitive skin like mine. However, I don't want to discourage anyone from using it. Rather, I want to caution people into using this product in moderation. If your skin should react the way it did mine, take it slow-ER, maybe every other day or even once a week. Let your skin adjust so you can be happy with your results too!
  4. Superior from everything else I've tried

    I had clear skin my entire life until suddenly my skin broke out when I turned 30. I have no idea what caused my hormone imbalance but it gave me mild to moderate adult acne that got worse over time from trying all different medication: over-the-counter and prescription drugs, both topical and oral plus some facial peels. My skin is sensitive that Retin-A burned my skin and just causes even more breakout. My acne got severe to the point that I was candidate for Accutane treatment. But in the course of several trial and error with my dermatologist, I also incurred Stevens Johnson, an extreme bad allergic reaction to antibiotic that contained sulfa so Accutane was removed from my options. While I recovered from the rashes, with most scars already fading or have already faded, my acne remained unstoppable. I had some successes but my acne always came back with a vengeance around my menstrual cycle. I was desperate and I know I am partly to blame because I tend to over use topical treatments and wash my face excessively. My skin got extremely dry with uneven skin tone because of hyper pigmentation. How does one treat acne and dry skin at the same time anyway? Acne.org Regimen is far more superior that the other ones I've tried without any adverse reaction. I got my natural skin tone and texture back! No more dry and dark patchy skin! And it's clearing up my acne incredibly well! It has been just two months since I tried the free sample. The one and only one complain I have is that I broke out initially with cystic pimples on my neck. BUT they go away faster now and does not leave any scar when I know for a fact that my skin is prone to scarring. I think everything in this kit is essential to finally conquering this acne problem. The cleanser is mild and non-irritating; best of all, no over-powering scent. The benzoyl peroxide is truly effective. You can see the zit reduce it's size and fade away completely in a couple of days or at worst, a week. I noticed that healing time got even shorter once my skin have adjusted to the treatment. Last but not the least, the moisturizer, a miracle trapped in a pump! Actually, I don't know which part of this set exactly made the most positive difference in my skin. I just know that used together and in their prescribed amount and frequency lead to great improvement. I am 33 now and I don't ever want to worry about pimples again. This seems to be the regimen that works best and I don't mind keeping it as long as it keeps my acne under control. I've seen major clearing happened already in as little as two months so I am feeling positive about it. I highly recommend. If I hadn't used other medication or gone to dermatologists and used just this, I probably have saved a lot of time and money. I also recommend in addition to using this kit properly to also use raw organic honey as face mask every now and then to remove the dry flakey skin the benzoyl peroxide might cause. Overall great product!