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  1. I haven't been on here for some time, but skin has started to break out again Feeling pi55ed off big time!!
  2. Really hate this time of year...

    1. Motown88

      Latest Pics - 2011

      Since my biggest breakout in October 2010, my skin cleared up almost completely by March 2011. Here are some latest pics of my skin, which started to breakout again 2 or 3 weeks ago...
    2. xaler - people get on well with Cetaphil. It's all down to your own skin and what works best for you - everyone is different. However, stick woth non-comedogenic products.
    3. I too have the same problem. If you look at the images in my gallery, I had the worse outbreak ever last October. That episode didn't clear until March this year when I turned 38. As it's only just starting to get cold here in the UK and the heating at work and home is being switched on, I can see the signs of cysts starting to appear again along my jawline ( Tried the moisturisation with non-comedegenic products to combat dryness but my skin gets so oily that it doesn't work. Drinking p
    4. Just looking on Wikipedia, it seems there are various types of acne. Could this be the reason why one treatment will work for some but not for others? Maybe we need to find out the exact type of acne we are suffering with? I've uploaded some recent (close up) pics in the members gallery of my grotesque face (may take 24hr for approval) - anyone know what type of acne I have? Phil
    5. Motown88

      Latest pics

      Still with me after all this time :(
    6. "Less is more"....that's what my wife says. But she's my wife so would I listen to her? She's right though but having suffered for the past 18 years or so with mild to moderate (to currently quite severe) acne, frustration gets the better and I'll will just keep slapping on any concoction to try and make the zits disappear! However, I will take your advice c'est la vigne (advice from a stranger and not the wife, but hey we are all friends on here) and stop battering my poor face with numer
    7. bek_cogent - my regimen changes all the time! Once I sense that what I'm currently doing is not having any affect on my skin I will try something else I know it's not good as things take time to work but I'm just way too impatient!! The last 2 weeks I've been doing the following: - Lymecycline 408mg once a day (been back on this for the last 3 weeks) - Wash in the morning and evening with Origins 'Checks & Balances' or 'Never A Dull Moment' cleansers - Quinoderm 10% BP cream mixed w
    8. Hi rlmiggy, Like you my acne started when I was 19 and it only appears on my face. I'm 37 now - hope that hasn't given you a heart attack!! However, it hasn't always been bad times during the last 18 years - acne sufferers have their ups and downs. With me I would say it's been more down than up but I'm still hopeful Good to hear that you are seeing improvements already. You mentioned that you're taking zinc currently. I'm on Lymecycline 408mg a day and I've been advised not to take zin
    9. Thanks for that Lookin4Cure - I'm back on the Lymecycline 408 mg once a day so not trying too much that may counteract its' effectiveness. I have since Monday been taking one tablespoon of ACV with water (although not regularly because it doesn't taste too good!) and have also made a toner using ACV. I assume by taking it internally it's giving me a very minor liver flush effect of some sorts. Lou - my missus never saw my skin as an issue really. She always thought I was overreacting as I
    10. Hi Lou and welcome to the site! As you've been on and off this site for the past couple of years you'll will have read posts from all sorts of people in your position. Like you I tend to log on when my skin is in a bad state - times like this when I'm in need of some form of solace from guys and girls also suffering with this embarrassing ailment. I suffer from oily skin and mild to moderate acne - although currently I would say it's pretty severe (as you can see from my pics in the galler
    11. ....PICK MY FACE UNTIL IT'S ALL RED AND OOZING WITH SH*T!!!!!!!! Just wanted to release some tension that's all...rant over...
    12. The following article is something I read in the Daily Mail's Good Health section yesterday: Curing acne in your sleep Could a pillow treat acne while you are asleep? Made from a fabric that contains an anti-bacterial compound, the pillow is designed to lower levels of bacteria on the face. The fabric is half polyester and half nylon, which means it has a silk-like finish. Materials with a rough finish can irritate inflamed skin. Dermatologists who've developed the treated fabric clai