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  1. it covers up acne, and IMO makes me look better facial hair is a natural thing, why fight it with shaving. it covers up acne very well, except on forehead. ever since i was old enough to grow good facial hair i have( about 17 years old). the benefits are great, no annoying shaving/irritation, covers acne, makes you look very masculine. anyone have any thoughts on this?
  2. grow facial hair if all else fails and it bothers you that much. i've seen guys on the street that grew out there facial hair because it covered up acne. It really works too, if your a girl that option isnt open though LOL
  3. Not to stereotype, but most old people i run into are conservative idiots. They probably still think fast food, and chocolate cause acne. Thats pretty rude to just ask someone you dont know "were you in a fire with all those scars". i would tell you to set him straight, but its probably no use old people once thye believe something all their life they wont even hear of another way of doing things.
  4. well your in luck buddy we live in the digital age. No longer must we go to bars to pick up girls, and that type of stuff. Try an online dating service if you want a GF. Also first formulate a plan, what do you truly want out of life. FIgure it out, and maybe take some ONLINE classes for college or something of that nature. Todays society is great because people with social anxiety (which it sounds to me like you have) can still have many wonderful things. Also you could start your own buisness
  5. you have to first realize looks are subjective. there are no ABSOLUTE good looking people, or ABSOLUTE ugly people. Its all opinion based an subjective. WHen you watch TV and see people like brad pitt you dont actually think its a FACT these people are beautiful do you? its just somebodies opinion. American society has failed in that the media tries to imply that there is an absolute definition of BEAUTY, when in reality the term, and its definition are created by a persons opinion. The whole th