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  1. SPaHB

    My Regimen Log.

    today my skin was ridiculously red,tight, dry and peeling like crazy.. i really think it's because of the clean and clear shine control moisturizer i'm switching back to nivea visage all around protection spf 15 ..
  2. i don't use this, it's a bit expensive but it works. my mom uses it on her acne scars it reduced their appearance but it took a little time, i'm sure if one were to use it as it says to you'll see results
  3. this sounds really interesting i'd really like to try it, but i don't have $150 to waste..
  4. I have mild acne it didn't stop me from falling in love! i turned 17 in october, I met my current boyfriend john in late april..I soon found out how intelligent,caring,honest and attractive he was inside and out we started hanging out in july and ended up dating by late july.. he didn't care about my acne he accepted me for the person who I am inside! he's the reason why I'm not so depressed about my acne as often as I used to be. There are still times where I look at myself and wish I coul
  5. SPaHB

    My Regimen Log.

    night 3.. a little less swollen I think it's because my boyfriend shaved, I hate when the pricklies rub on my face it hurts and makes my skin so irritated
  6. SPaHB

    My Regimen Log.

    Night 2 of regimen.. still early,l but my face is a lot less irritated, some of the redness is gone.
  7. SPaHB

    about 2 months ago

    thanks it's up and down.. looks ok one day the next few days/week its red, peeling and irritated but it i have a good feeling about the new regimen
  8. you could try a warm compress this will drain it then leave it alone for a little bit then use an ice cube wrapped in a rag or a few layers of paper towel- this will make the swelling go down and like the previous post said smother it in BP < it does work wonders! good luck !
  9. the basis sensitive skin bar works great IMO.. i have really sensitive, oily skin and i started using it about a week ago with a moisturizer my face doesn't get anywhere near as oily as it used to
  10. thanks, yes i just started last night after the pictures where taken.. i'm used to using BP but i would use a 10% bp cream and my skin would get so red and itchy. I hope the regimen gel works, it seems to be working for many other people wich is great *i wish everyone to have beautiful skin =D* i woke up this morning and my face was less red and glowing it was a really nice change =)
  11. From the album: Progression

    it looked like it was getting better (when I was on proactiv) then it got worse ! grr

    © &copy

  12. SPaHB

    My Regimen Log.

    Just got the gel today! I plan on using it tonight.. My New Regimen! FACE Basis sensitive skin bar with bristle brush at night Clear skin regimen gel Cetaphil moisturizing cream or nivea all around protection spf15 < I'm currently running out of both, I plan on getting a eucerin moisturize this weekend. make up> just a loose face powder, physicians formula loose to go (I wait 20 mins after moisturizing) BODY Basis sensitive skin bar with bristle brush at night equate astringent for s
  13. SPaHB

    My Regimen Log.

    Thank you! just out of curiosity do you know what kind of scrubby? i'm using a bath fluff type back scrubby with a long stick atm.. should i find a bristle one or loofa? wouldn't that harm my skin just as much as the scrub?
  14. My mom had acne like mine when she was my age she's going through menopause but her skin is starting to clear up because she's almost out of that stage.. one of my brothers also had acne but not as bad as mine
  15. SPaHB

    My Regimen Log.

    Thank you for your input I appreciate it very much
  16. I know how this feels.... I used to feel uggly if I didn't wear make-up but i found out that my boyfriend loves when I don't wear any make-up <this was when we were together for about 3 months yesterday was 9 months ..I stopped wearing liquid foundation and consealer and just used a dermatologist recomended powder over my daily acne cream and sunblock so my face wouldn't get oily and once in a while if i'm going out i'll use a little clear mascara light eye shadow and light dermatologist re
  17. Hello everyone .. I've tried many things and nothing works for good and alot of treatments make it so much worse. I've tried My Treatment History.. Dermatologist perscribed medicine Benza clin - worked well until my dads coverage wouldn't pay for it any more Then my derma put me on the generic version of that which is Erthromycin benzoyl peroxide gel- which worked well but it made my skin very irritated and red it would peel for days (i understand that skin needs to get used to it) Since