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  1. SPaHB

    My Regimen Log.

    well.. acv is doing more harm than good so i am going to stop using it. i really hope i can find my previous toner asap. i'll be looking tomorrow and when i find it i will be purchasing about 5 or 6 bottles. which should only cost about 10 dollars all together. i'll have pictures tomorrow * I found my camera, it was in my drawer with my paints ?!? (heh your guess is as good as mine)
  2. SPaHB

    My Regimen Log.

    starting off college with a clear complexion?! i wish! so far everything is looking good. I'm just doubting being able to clear up before sep 5th.. doesn't matter too much to me. Althought starting another year of school is going to be full of STRESS! i'll try my best to adjust fast and take each day as it comes and tone down my "worry wart" thoughts.. well my forehead is close to being clear, a few small bumps mostly above my eyebrows and my pores are begining to tighten. my cheeks are covered
  3. SPaHB

    My Regimen Log.

    all is well, progressing decently.. I switched back to CSR gel today, still using ACV to tone and purpose bar to cleanse, and purpose moisturizer only when i'm not wearing make-up. The everyday minerals has been leaving my skin a bit dry becausei can't moisturize before applying it. If I moisturize before i put it on my skin feels congested. I'm thinking of getting the "original glo" formula and the "intensive" formula so i can alternate when my skin is dry and oily.. that's about it i'll put up
  4. SPaHB

    My Regimen Log.

    just did a steam.. figured i'd try a sea salt face steam b-c of the dark pores on and around my nose. seams to have helped a little, bit i'll see how my face looks over the next few days and if it has helped maybe i'll do it 1-3 times a week. i don't know yet we'll see what happens. the mineral make-up works great imo, it covers decently for a powder foundation. i'll use it for about a week longer to see if i actually want to order a kit. i'll put up pictures tomorrow too tired right now
  5. SPaHB

    My Regimen Log.

    WOOP WOOP! just get my everyday mineral samples in the mail, i'm waiting for my moisturizer to fully dry so i can try them out i'll put up some pictures to show if the work well or not for me...
  6. i use a vitamin E oil topically to heal my acne and red marks, it's 28,000 I.U. it also helps moisturize my skin when it gets dried out from BP
  7. cetaphil bars/cetaphil liquid face wash are awesome for dry skin and they're non-comedogenic, which you probly know by now means it won't clog pores which can prevent new acne. look for soaps that are fragrance free, non-comedogenic and have a moisturizer in them best wishes =)
  8. I absolutely love, love, love, Queen helene's mint julep masque.. i haven't used it in a while beacause i'm trying to clear my skin before i add something else into my regimen.. but it does work very well. If my skin was really oily i would leave it on over-night, it worked wonders.
  9. SPaHB

    feeling artsy

    thanks =) but i think it's mostly the way the picture was taken and that my hair was covering most of my face.
  10. SPaHB

    good hair day?

    yeah.. this is it naturally, wash and wear i guess.. with no styling and no gel/mousse. it's a bit wavy now-a-days. it used to be "pin"straight when it was longer and I was younger.
  11. From the album: Progression

    showing the artsy side instead of JUST the acne at the moment but hey i feel pretty good b-c i didn't edit my blemishes at all, and i guess b-c of the flash and my hair you can't see a lot of the marks.
  12. From the album: Progression

    haven't had one in a while
  13. SPaHB


    looks good, it will definately help tons. best wishes!
  14. SPaHB

    My Regimen Log.

    just put a new picture up.. I personally can see a big difference and am continuing my regimen. I ran out of my toner i've been using. and can't find it in any of the stores that carried it. so I'm thinking about replacing the delon toner with ACV/water. From what i've heard/read it's good with red marks and balancing ph . (just what i need) i have tons of red marks and about 10-15 active pimples including one white head on my cheek i refuse to pop, i'll pobly get another purple mark, that may
  15. SPaHB

    DAY 5

    From the album: Progression

    going well so far
  16. My toner contains no alcohol and has witch hazel in. it it's awesome because it balances my skin and helps heal my break outs faster, It's called "delon skin toner". even though i've been using the regimen since april on and off. i've been using the toner for more than a year also on and off beacuse unfortunatly it's hard to find most of the time.
  17. hello everyone it seems this stuff is all the rage.. i just odered a sample kit yesterday. i'll probly recieve it tuesday (I HOPE) I'm so anxious to try this stuff =) thanks to wasting days away and a few other members ;-P
  18. SPaHB

    My Regimen Log.

    hello there!, I had a great day at the beach with my lovely John.. played in the sand and the water, we walked to the light house and picked up shells on the way. Funny thing though.. on our way to the light house we didn't take the board walk and walked through half the nude beach! exciting time.. let me tell ya lol any ways about the skin situation.. the salt and the sun did me some good =D and i've also been using a thin layer of 10% BP cream instead of globs of the CSR gel. only because w
  19. hey sorry about the delay.. The vitamin E oil i have says it's 100% pure back label reads... "100% concentration, 28,000 I.U. great moisturizer, soothes dry skin maximum healing power NOT INTENDED FOR INTERNAL USE!" no other listed ingrediants...
  20. SPaHB

    My Regimen Log.

    YAY NEW PICTURES IN MY GALLERY! http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...i&img=15118 today i was looking into the mineral -type make-up. I've been asking around about "Everyday Minerals". From what i've heard so far i'm looking forward to trying it. I already know what samples I want and i will be ordering them asap http://www.everydayminerals.com/ i've been sticking to my regimen, however i did use the vitamin E last night it helped some-what and i'm using 10% bp tonight and most
  21. From the album: Progression

  22. SPaHB

    My Regimen Log.

    sorry everyone no pictures yet! having some technical difficulties with my usb wire. any who, my skin has been improving little by little i'm sticking to the regimen the only thing is i used 10% BP the last few days, it has helped but is making my open wounds from picking more irritated so i'm going to try to heal my skin a bit with vitamin E for a few days or more then start back on the regimen with the csr gel
  23. my mom bought a bottle of american fare brand vitamin E OIL < yes the oil part makes me want to give it to her, as i always do when i find out how bad it could be for my acne... but i need my skin to heal a bit before i can treat again the BP is making it worse atm because of all the little open wounds from picking and what-not. i'm thinking i should treat a little spot before i go to sleep and see how it is in the morning then watch the spot for a few days and then treat my whole face if not
  24. SPaHB

    My Regimen Log.

    my skin has been slowly improving. however i've been on a picking rampage.. i'm trying my hardest not to pick any more. i should have pictures tomorrow, i haven't been able to get a hold of my camera lately.