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Picture Comments posted by SPaHB

  1. are you picking your pimples? the wound at your right cheek seemed like being picked before....

    try not to pick, instead, let it cure itself....it takes longer time to cure a wound!

    well not picking but i popped it. so same difference because i didn't leave it alone. i used vitamin e on it for about a week and it healed it pretty quick. there's a small red mark there now.

  2. Yes it is! Is your hair naturally straight like that?

    yeah.. this is it naturally, wash and wear i guess.. with no styling and no gel/mousse.

    it's a bit wavy now-a-days. it used to be "pin"straight when it was longer and I was younger.

  3. you look so great! I'm happy everything worked out for you :D i know i've never commented before but i have been keeping up with your progress btw what make-up did you use ? your skin looks f'n AMAZING!! my proms coming up on the 25th and i doubt my skin will be clear before then i only just started the regimen

    take care!

  4. lol I used a rough face sponge with my regular basis bar soap to get rid of the dead skin, then used cetaphil moisturizing cream, the peeling isn't as bad now. I have a feeling after I wash my face tonight it will be just as bad as before

  5. thanks, yes i just started last night after the pictures where taken.. i'm used to using BP but i would use a 10% bp cream and my skin would get so red and itchy. I hope the regimen gel works, it seems to be working for many other people wich is great *i wish everyone to have beautiful skin =D* i woke up this morning and my face was less red and glowing it was a really nice change =)