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  1. It got me clear and now it's gone!! i'm on my last kit. i'm now looking for similar products and haven't had and luck. does anyone know of a good SA face wash and panthenol toner? fragrance free and hypo allergenic would be awesome
  2. unfortunately i only have bad to say about murad as well =( it made my acne so much worse. i used it for a little less than a month i'm living with the scars and red marks now which have become more apparent now that i'm clearing up. I was so mad i complained to murad.
  3. deciding if i should try it. i have some shallow scars and mostly red marks experiences? pros, cons? anything?
  4. well my skin is doing quite well since i started using the L'Oreal adult acne response kit.. 1 kit lasted me over 2 months in conjunction with the kit i've been using the Neutrogena advanced solutions SPF 15 lotion during the day, i don't use the face wash from the kit but i plan on using the BP gel for body acne. During the day I use the neutrogena on-the-spot after sunscreen. I find the on-the-spot to be better during the day because it doesn't leave my skin tight or shinny, i absolutely LOVE
  5. i bought a kit in florida (wal-mart) when i broke out severely after being there for only 2 days. i had my acne stuff with me but was running low so i wanted to try the adult kit. i have been using it for 2 months now. I went to wal-mart in NY today to pick more up and it was on clearance for 5.00! there were only 3 kits left so i bought them all. i'm wondering if they are trying to get rid of them because they are out of production? the kits are nowhere near expiration and i haven't been able
  6. soft scrub brush like a baby hair brush or buff-puff or woven wash cloth or chemicals like AHA/glycolic acid an be added to moisturizer or replace BP at night (start off with tiny amounts, it can burn) check out dans AHA best wishes be careful with AHA you must use a sunscreen if you use it during the day
  7. i'm a female and have actually been attracted to guys with acne.. even somewhat severe acne. i have had acne for 8 years it became pretty bad and only started lightening up a few months ago. i am attracted to clear skin as well because it's something i'd love to have.. but it is a bit predictable and overrated. since i have acne, reaching out to someone else who has acne feels good. like "we're in this together" sort of thing. the person i'm with now has occasional acne and it doesn't bother me
  8. well! i doubt many of the members remember me. it's been so long. the site has changed so much! i'm happy to see it has grown and dan has got the cleanser and moisturizer for sale now! as for me.. i had to stop using the regimen, the BP kept giving me cyst acne. I am however using neutrogenas 2.5 BP cream.. it really is working wonders. my acne has calmed down a lot in the past 6 months. here's some stuff i've been using dove sensitive body wash on face complex 15 moisturizer neutrogena 2.5 BP
  9. today i went to the beach for the first time this summer.. used an spf 8 "protective tanning" yeah.... ok! i'm so red. i feel sick and i have the shivers. i hope it's not sun poisoning =/ well for about 3 weeks i've been using aveeno ultra calming foam cleanser DKR gel coplex 15 and for the body.. anti dandruff shampoo or cetaphil and i am using equate sensitive skin astringent for about 2 weeks now every few days That's it! it's going well.
  10. alirghty well i haven't been home for the past 3 days and it figures that my skin heals ans clears up faster when i'm not home.. it may be because of my friends pool. well i found a bunch of bad ingredients in my vitamin e cream and started using complex 15 face cream.. people say it's the least shiny of all the moisturizers out there. i really don't find that true. but it's still a good moisturizer. AM AH face wash-optional-with brush -optional-BP complex 15 and/or spf 8 sunblock PM AH face
  11. well the BWC toner made my skin a bit sore. i'm not sure if it's the toner in combination with BP or AHA products so i stopped using it. The desert essence face wash was horrible, it made my body and face break out with cyst acne. most likely because of the tea tree oil. it also had a peculliar smell it wasn't bad but it was a little awkward. i haven't worn any make-up in about a week i started using a synthetic bristle brush to exfoliate my face, back, chest, neck, and arms so this is what i
  12. thanks this info has been very helpfull =D you guys rock Evahonestly-- i just started chemical exfoliation and have been using manual for some months now either shower gloves or disposable exfoliating sponges * i'd like to try the baby hair brush mentioned by wynee. I've been using the oil-free alpha hydrox treatment gel and the aha souflee ( not together ofcourse)
  13. well i'm thinking about slowing down on the use of alpha hydrox products. i recently ordered the souflee and the oil-free gel. i also ordered an economy size desert essence face wash which i have been using to remove make-up and wash my body with i'm still using .. i'm still using the alpha hydrox face wash and i started using a BWC toner .i'll update my product pictures soon so you can see what i'm talking about.