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  1. Hi, shin, how was the result after having 4 aggressive treatments? I am expecting to do 6, once each month and see how it goes, and then decide if I should get another set od Dr roller, which will be next April.
  2. I don't think any mild treatment will help much. 100 dermabrasion will not help with the indented scar simply because it doesn't go deep enough to have any effect.
  3. Just a general question, 3-4 days after rolling, my face is peeling like a snake, especially after washing... is it supposed to happen this way? I suppose it is a good thing.
  4. Hi, I bought the Dr Roller package which includes the numbing liquid and the Meso Cell solution and did everything according to the instructions. Didn't apply anything extra.
  5. sorry, forgot to mention it is 1.5mm as recommended. I haven't taken photos yet but will try to next time.
  6. Thanks Greg. Your posts inspired me to go ahead with it. I have tons of scars for more than 10 years, and don't expect anything dramatic any more. Some gradual improvement will make me happy. I will do like you said next time, one side a time. By the way, is it necessary to wait a full 6 weeks until the next round? I am asking because some much more aggressive laser only needs 4 weeks in between, and the roller simply doesn't seem as invasive as that.
  7. OK, 12 hours later, the treated area is still red. Maybe it is not too bad as I thought! With the swelling, it looks pretty good!
  8. Today I finally decide to do the self rolling on my scar. I did everything according to the instructions, and everything went well, except one thing: I believe I am not being aggressive enough! The problem is the numbing liquid coming along with Dr Roller doesn't seem to be numbing enough. When I rolled on my face, it still hurts a lot, especially on the forehead and jawlines. But i try to go as deep as I could. My face was pretty red right after, and on many spots it bled. However, only an
  9. You cried and are traumatized because of this one single scar on your cheek? How do you think others real scar sufferers manage to stay alive? and how to you live your life with other imperfect things?
  10. "minimal" will not show much on my horrible face I suppose, esp considering the amount of money. I did a skin graft 2 months ago. I am pretty happy with it.
  11. Is it true that smoothbeam is for light skin and cool touch is more suitable for dark skin? I read this from a derm's website. I am Asian, and thus suppose to be the latter. Has anyone had any good result from doing cool touch? Most of my large and deep scars are gone and what is left are many small and or shallow ones. I wonder what will be the best treatment for this.
  12. I have been using this product for just 2 days and my face has been peeling a lot. really dry. The bad thing is that acnes that have been under control for half a year is coming back again (so fast!). Should I stop using it? Or is there anything else I can do? It is really frustrating to see those ugly bumps back again. Thanks for any suggestions.
  13. My guess is that those who charge a consultation fee will always do something for you even if they know there can't be significant improvement, cuz otherwise, patients will feel it unfair. Who will be willing to pay more than $100 just for you to look at his face for 15 minutes and then being told nothing can be done? So I'd rather go to those who don't charge at all.
  14. Some derms do charge a pretty high consultation fee. What I've heard ranges from $50 to $250. It applies to your treatment later. I always wonder what they will do if the derm decides s/he can't help at all.