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  1. Hi Robert, i see see you keep mentioning about consistent use of sunblock. Can I ask how often do you reapply and do you apply even at night time?
  2. Hi Liberte, congratulations to you. Hope you are still around. Can I ask you something? 1) have you done your 3rd subcision? 2) do you think the arnica cream is working to lessen your bruises? 3) you have mentioned you used suction. I'm having the same cupping as yours. What protocol did you follow? Like how many times a day? How many seconds is each suctioning? 4) this is the most important question of all. What post ops daily regime do you use on your face? Creams? Sunblock? I am super
  3. Thanks for coming back, Sverd. I'm looking into this as well. Thank you.
  4. After a year of retin a damage , pores have never been back to normal. Super depressing.
  5. Hi no hope, thanks again for having you here. For my insomnia I too think it wasn't possible until it really happened. I compared my older photos (past 3 years) and indeed I looked plumper last time on the face. When u have insomnia for a long period of time and couldn't even take a nap for 4 days (yes not a nap in the afternoon despite night time brain totally active and also can't sleep), not only your whole body will become skinny but your face volume too. On the 5th day, I had to depend o
  6. Hi no hope, thanks for being here with us. It's quite hard to understand the feelings you are trying to describe to us. It seems like you are trying to say something is not good to you but we marvel at what you got, the fullness I would gladly pay anything to get your fullness which I once lost due to insomnia. When my face (I'm not fat overall) used to be fatter, scars were not that noticeable which was very very good! I'm trying to use an example. I can somehow empathize when you smile,
  7. Hi no hope, did u have your 3rd enerjet done? I'm surprised the subcision effects from enerjet didn't take care of your scars to a huge extent since u said u have very good results from the first 2. How much percent improvement did u have overall? About the fullness it extra volume especially when u smile, how serious or obvious it is? If it's a healthy look kind of full, it will be good I think?
  8. Hi charisma, what's your aftercare procedures? My next repair will be in April. This will be my second. Unfortunately doctor didn't want to do subcision on me because she said my scars look gone when stretched. However, I'm not quite happy because my scars are deep n wide. Anyway this is going to be 2 months after the first repair. My skin takes a long time to recover back to original color. Nearly back to normal. I'm not seeing much results yet but somehow I believe Dudley n see how it goes
  9. There's not many people who tried picosure laser here. Wish there would be more people reporting this latest treatment
  10. Exactly 2 years since dragz posted. Why people n other posters just left without further updates?
  11. I have had 7 dermarolling sessions done by professional with around 2 months between each. I have not seen any sort of improvements at all. 2mm needles used. My scars are mostly rolling. Have shallow and deep ones. I will grade myself grade 3 scars where once the skin is stretched the scars appear gone. However my temples are where the deeper ones are located. It's already been a year past my last dermarolling. Not even the most shallow scars have any effects from a 2mm dermarolling done aggr
  12. I am located in Singapore, it is about $450 per session in my currency. That would work out to be about 360 USD? Hope all work out well for you! Hi awesome results you have! I am from SG and exploring subcision too. But it seems that there is very little dermatologists practising this. Do you mind sharing which doctor you went to? Hi Jingzai, I'll pm you! Can you please pm me the doctor details as well? I live in Singapore. Thanks! Hi 19lee or gyta, would you mind pm the doctor who pe
  13. That's what I'm worried too. Skin near cheeks open pores extremely dry, lines connecting. Leathery skin. Shiny too even after washing. Skin looks fake. The thing is not retin A is bad. But it's the consequences that is irrevisible that's extremely bad! No wonder it is labeled as poison in my country on the tube. I'm beginning to think the only way to remove that skin is to laser it off or deep peels. Not tca medium peels. But I'm worried laser could make things worse