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  1. after cleaning my face in the shower, and before stepping out to apply the BP i would sometimes rub my face with my fingers and notice alot of flaky gunk come off. what is this stuff? im guessing doing this is helping my skin breath but is the finger rubbing aggrivating my skin bad?
  2. i know it says to use it at night, but what about using it 2 times a day, during the day and night. would it be more beneficial or do more harm?
  3. wondering how long it took for people using AHA to notice their complextion getting better? do things really get worst before they start to get better?
  4. wondering if a moisturizer doesnt say non-comedogenic on it, does it mean it isnt non-comedogenic? i bought a bottle of Jason brand Aqua Moist Natural moisturizer wondering if it is bad too use.
  5. im using lily of the desert gelly, its 99% pure, but when i read the list of ingredients on the back these were the ones that i wernt sure are safe for your face. if anyone can let me know if these won't break me out thanks. - disodium EDTA - acrylate crosspolymer - phenoxyethanol - sodium hydroxide
  6. so i was gonna buy aloe vera, the brand is lily of the desert but there are 2 diff kinds....the aloe vera GEL and then there is the GELLY.....whats the diff? which one sound i use.
  7. well....the last time i ate them i was sorta drinking and needed something to snack on. i didn't even realize i had eaten them till the next day when a pimple strted growing. so the whole worrying thing cant be it.
  8. lol....i only eat them a 4-5 times a year and right on time, i would break out.
  9. i know foods are not suppose to be a factor with acne but i know for a fact that if i eat hot cheetos after a day or two i will break out. anyone else have this problem?