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  1. yes and no. depends on the product, not so much the name brand sometimes. for instance, i really like maybelline wonder finish foundation, and it's considered low end...
  2. Most ppl say MAC blot powder is very good. I ordered it, but have yet to give it a try Hoping it'll be great as everyone says
  3. ](*,) ](*,) It's beeen quite awhile since I've been back here. Well things have gotten better, yet .. I have a big zit on the tip of my nose. I felt it coming up on Friday while at work. Well over the weekend it incubated to become the ugliest thing ever. I decided to pop it yesterday using a needle (sterlized, of course). It's gone down but there's angry redness that is my nose. Fuck, I feel so ugly with this nose. I already have 2 bumps from previous zits that have gone, yet I get fur
  4. This is so odd. I have a new zit. Edit. Many. ahahah! On the right side of my face. Apparently it's because I get a lot of sunlight on that side for the past couple of days. ](*,)
  5. I definitely can relate to ya... ](*,) That's a real interesting bit about george washington. I didn't know!! I've never used Retin A, but I like BP a whole lot... its been good 2 me.
  6. Hey, sorry if this info has already been posted. If not, I came across this article this morning on describing a laser treatment option to treat acne.. and one would need the laser treatment every 3 months or so. how awesome is this? http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor.../health_acne_dc
  7. Today was aiiiiiiiite. Got home, put on BP, got called to go out, got lazy, slapped on makeup over the BP. Usually I never do that. The zit on my nose has turned into a scar. I will never have a normal nose because there are 3 other scars from 3 other preexisting zits. Damn it, it ain't going away. Deal with it. I have a new crush.
  8. i agree w/ jen.. i only use BP at night. in the morning, i wash, put on moisturizer, and concealor (that has SA)... and then onwards w/ the powder. it works pretty well for me.
  9. yea i agree acne has had a significant change on my personality but then again i also agree with the above post by leon that during this time (teenage yrs) changes occur anyways. a part of growing up. but yes... sometimes i DO NOT want to go anywhere if I have a bad breakout.
  10. I really like Dan's regime. I bet he's got a lot of karma for this. / Well last night I decided to pop that zit on my nose---again. Hahahhaha. Man, talk about flying projectiles. It was a good decison on my part, as the lump of insanity has shruken down considerably, and I don't feel too much of a freak.. which is always good. Today was a good day of school. Met an old friend, she asked me how many bf's have I had since. She said, 5? I said hahaha, just two. I find it hard to get close t
  11. Today: things are still quite the same. My skin doesn't heal as fast as it used to. Scars take longer to fade. Which sucks. Trying to drink more water. For breakfast I had salsa and chips. I wonder whether the hotness and spicyness will have any effect on my skin. lol. Like kill the acne bacteria. I have school again tommorow. Hope nothing erupts on my face. O:) O:) O:) Here's a link to my experience on using Proactiv. Been thinking.. my skin really isn't that BAD anymore. But I
  12. i'd rather get blackheads. whiteheads make me feel more like a freak
  13. I used proactiv for about a year. My sis bought the program for me, and she got me on the big ass kit that includes sulfur mask and the extra SPF lotion. Which I think adds up to about $60/ month. 12months X 60= $720. yes. that is a lot. I was using dan's regime prior to that, but I decided to try out proactiv anyways. For the first couple of weeks on proactiv, it improved my skin. I had mild-moderate acne. Then afterwards, my skin became so-so.. not any big improvements. Why didn