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    Ummm I like to get rid of acne... so does anyone here have the same interests? heheh we all do have alot in common.
  1. Week 7 Just came back from my Derm. and she said they Mino doesnt seem to work and she did mentioned that its a conservative drug, ummm I dont think I want to sit there and wait for it to work, not knowing if it does work or not. Anyways went through another Chem peel and got some spots removed, she also put me on E-Mycin for a week so all the Mino get out of my system. GUESS WHAT?? yup Im going on the Tane again which is my 6th time and probably a world record for the most courses of Tane. I
  2. Bob man Kool that you still dropped by me blog... Its getting pretty boring in the Antibiotic blogs! Yeh gota agreed with Junje. No new spots, no new scars! I wish Im at that stage better then getting new spots everyday, knowing that each spot can be a scar any moment now, which is kinder scary. Man your going through with Comestic Surgeon? I heard they charge ya for a arm and a leg for those treatment, hopefully they dont do that to u. Anyways keep us updated with the Surgeon thing.
  3. Yo Bob Yeh it kinder sucks big time that the Tane didnt work for me, even for a few year Ill still be happy but only cleared up a few months. I dont know anymore, maybe I need another course? 6th time? ummm kinder risky dont you think? Anyways Mino doesnt seem to work at all? and Im on Week 7 now, the only thing I notice is Im still getting new spots daily! seeing me Derm. tomorow hopefully she give me something that actually works besides Tane. Scars? ummm I get alot of acne but not alot of s
  4. Bob man, I dont know what clubs u have in the west but sounds very dangerous with all the biting and watches! I think the bite mark will be gone it 2 days time... because u mentioned it didnt break into your skin... u probably have some yellow mark there right?
  5. Week 5 Yup, week 5 already and yes! it went by pretty slow! My Derm. said that I should have no more spots by week 3 and its week 5 now and still breaking out like crazy. Now, instead of the left side breaking out, its the right side. Seeing my Derm. in a week time, I really want to hear what she got to say cos I got a feeling that she wants to keep me hanging longer!
  6. Hey Bob man... Hows things? U found my new blog? hahah this time its Mino not Tane! Which can be good or bad at the same time. About the Chemical peels, I had 3 done ever since I stopped the Tane which is just recently (March this year), before that I was using Stevia-A for a good 4 months or more which cleared most of the marks thats from the breakouts while on the Tane. So far I have no trouble with scar prone but it did helped the current red marks fading. Sorry about the watch scar thing,
  7. Hey Bob man Been like more then a year since I saw u last posted. Damn sorry to hear about the watch scar but overall your skin looks good. Man... I still breaking out, maybe it adult acne or something. Ummm maybe u can use Retin-A? from what my Derm said it kinder helps with the marks but for deep scars? Ummm probably not. Looks like the mark is half healed, I think it takes time for it to fade to your skin colour so its not that visible, but its looks deep man. U should kill your friend jokes
  8. Hey Sphirex Goodluck on Mino!! hope it works faster for you then it did for me. Retin-A? umm i tried that before too, can be good but can be bad as well from experience. Anyways it should help the red marks fading so its good. Start up your own blog so I can drop by to see how you going!
  9. Day 25 Got a big painful one in the last few days and just popped last night so yeh another red mark added to my left side. Alot of spots that is under the skin started to show up now but nothing major, hopefully it doesnt turn into something big because thats the last thing I wanted!!
  10. Day 22 Ummm 3 weeks in Mino now and so far getting abit worser, maybe thats how it works like the Tane, gets worser before getting better? anyways I went for a chemical peel yesterday and my skin have dark dried up marks everywhere and some of the red marks turned back to pimples, damn didnt know that its possible. Note: Left side of the face still F%^ked up as usual, red marks is not fading but also getting darker since somehow it kept on turning back to pimple. Right side is good, everywhere
  11. Heya Sphirex Haha so your BP instruction is the same as mine, but either way if using alot works for you then there shouldnt be a problem. Ummm I did tried out Dan's regimen as well but as usual it only worked for a week or so then it just stopped. Now, Im using 1% Clindamycin in Centaphil lotion again which so far working, most of the clog pores are gone with in a few days. Ive be told that its a kind of strong antibiotic mixed with Centaphil, its not as hash as BP so you should give it a try
  12. Hey Sphirex Form experience using Benzoyl Peroxide, I found out it works really well at the beginning say a 1st few weeks, then afterwards it just stopped working for me! dont know why? hahah the regimen is kinder opposite the instruction provided by the Benzoyl Peroxide I got, it says use less but Dan's regimen says use alot? but yeh I use just enough. Anyways as I mentioned in my last post Im reaching my 3rd week on Mino and so far in the last 2 days my skin gone worser, like heaps worser th
  13. Hi Sphirex Thanks for reading I never thought that anyone would be interested in the antibiotic thread. Ummm I kind of remembered when I was on Mino, but not for that long I think it was a month before I went on Roaccutane. To be honest it didnt really do much either the same or worser thats why my Derm. put me on Roaccutane. After 5 courses of Roaccutane I decided thats enough from what I people wrote about that drug kinder scared me. Anyways Sphirex Im about 2 weeks into Mino and so far no
  14. 1 Week Ummm been a very long week on Mino!! I kept on thinking if this drug actually works? and when? which made the week even longer then it is. Anyways more breakouts on my left side, right side is kinder cleared, i also picked one of them which Im really pissed off now coz of the big scab it left behind!
  15. Day 5 Same old same, umm maybe extra spots but I dont really know no more since Ive been getting 'em daily. I just notice that each side of my cheeks take turns so once one side is better the other gets worser!!! it is really annoying me. Weekend, ummm dont know what to do anymore been so lazy sleeping all the time, I guess its that time of the year when I dont want to socialise with anyone!! oh well I should study rather then sleeping aye? yeh Im off to the books now!!