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  1. Thank you, Scarlett Skies! I'm actually really am very interested in your take on Burdock. I've tried the yellow dock, the red clover and nettles, but nothing seems to work like the burdock, and I'm not sure why. I'm really glad that you said something, too, because I think that I sounded like this was something to do daily, and I only mean that it works at the worst points of acne. I'm glad to hear that the Accutane is working for you. I get nervous when I hear anybody mentioning taking Accu
  2. Um, I tried Anais's product for scarring and now I really need to have surgury! The stuff is way too strong for at-home use. I was chatting with a rep from Anais while I was doing it, and, while I later learned that I should have washed the stuff off as soon as I saw the first sign of the "frost", she told me to keep it on. Basically, it actually ate away at the fat in my cheek and left a huge white scar on my face. Don't use Anais.
  3. Thank you Scarlett Skies. I should be more specific. This is not something to do all the time: Larger amounts of burdock once in a while, smaller (ten drop) dosages for regular maintenance. The mega dosages (up to half a bottle, let’s say, as that is what I do and what my dermatologist gave me the green light to do) are for only when you are way out of control (i.e. times of PMS; lack of sleep; major stress; humidity), no more than two times a week, and for no more than two weeks at a time
  4. I can't beleive that I have not seen anybody post anything about Burdock Extract on this site! For all who are like me and have been struggling for nearly 15 years, try this: Taken internally, drink half to an entire bottle of Burdock Extract to clear your skin. The two catches to my miracle: 1) It is possibly the worst tasting thing known to man or to woman, and 2) It is rediculously expensive (average $10 per bottle) I usually try to buy it online in bulk in order to alleviate the price,