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  1. Ive now been on Accutane for 7 weeks and 3 weeks ago I went from 40mg to 60mg. Im still breaking out horribly and its getting to me. People make comments like have you been punched and they really think I have. My spots are worse than what they ever have. Im on a 4 month course and just not confident at all that my skin will get better now? Is it likely to get better for me? How soon I am not happy. Am I doing everything right? Thanks for your time
  2. Ive now switched to An Avene Gentle Cleanser and its slightly better so will see how it goes. Im on my 6th week of a 4 month course of accutane. Im on 60mg per day but I still have a couple spots. When is it likely to really be over it? Whats the best stages of improvement? I started off on 40mg and went upto 60mg 2 weeks ago. Thanks
  3. Anyone know how I can deal with this? Im using Pjytomer Purycfying cleansing Gel twice a day and thats it. Anyone any ideas why my skin is looking so red. Ive been on accutane for 6 weeks and my skin is clearing. Thanks.
  4. Im currently on my 4th week of ro-accutane. After 2-3 weeks I had my really bad breakout but my skin is improving amazingly daily. Could anyone tell me if im likely to have any more bad patches or will it be a constant improvement. Im on 40mg of Accutane a day and my derm said il be taking it for 4 months. Ive had moderate acne for 10 years and tried all anti biotics etc. Is 4 months long enough everyone else seems to be on at least 6. Now that im on this foods that I avoided such as mil
  5. You had to wait a year? Is this standard procedure?
  6. Has anyone tried this at all? If so what were your results and is it something you would reccomend. If possible what are your skin types etc. Thanks
  7. My acne isnt so bad really to be honest. Its moderate id say. Ive had decent results with Dalacin solution. What are the main differecnes between oxytetrcyine, Minocin, etc. I know they are all antibiotics but what makes them different. Is it worth trying Minocin if oxytetycine hasnt worked for me. I have to say that Dalacin makes a difference for me but Would it be possible for me to try Minocin aswell. What else could I try?
  8. This isnt teen chat son so stick to where you belong.
  9. Im thinking of going to my doctors shortly/ Im just wondering what he can actually give me other than what ive tried. Ive use oxtetrycine, Quinoderm and Dalacin solution. Id ideally like something I can use aswell as Dalacin. Minocin (sp) perhaps. Anything I should ask for information about? Thanks for the feedback
  10. My doctor is okay as ive only ever seen him about my acne and went through 10 years of my life without seeing him. A few years ago he said I could see a derm if I wanted but at the time I didnt want to as I thought other methods would be worthwhile. I might try the Minocin to see if it works for me. What side affects are there to this while your on it?
  11. Im gonna ask my doctor if I can see a derm. Im still deciding about accutane. Is there anything a derm could giv me that may work. Is it worth seing one even if I dont want accutane. Ive tried Oxytetycine BP Dalacin Is Minocin (sp) any good. Someone said I might do well with it. How long are waiting lists to see a derm on nhs in UK? Thanks
  12. I find clay masks once a week work for me.
  13. Just wondering whether Accutane would be an option for me. is it worth asking my doctor to send me to a derm even if I dont want accutane? Are there other things that could be done for me that may be able to improve my condition? How long would I have to wait on the NHS? Ive tried BP and Dalacin. Dalacin works well in patches but my skin is very up and down. Ive also been on oxytetcyline. Ideas anyone?
  14. Ive tried lots of things to get my skin clea of my acne. Im now 24 and have had it since I was 13. It got better 6 months ago for a short period and now its worse than ever. Its really bothering me because my skin looks so bad and I have always been hoping with age it would improve but I cant wait any longer. Ive used th regimen and Dalacin T Lotion in the past. These havent worked consistantly however both had their good and bad patches. Im just wondering what more options I have.
  15. At the moment I dont use acne products as my skin has been improving a lot lately, perhaps due to my age. Im now 24 so il have to see but this is the best skin ive had since I was 14! My only concerns are that ive got lots of blackheads just on my nose. Id say about 30 or so blackheads with lots of blocked pores. How can I improve the situation. I mean as to not get them in future and how best to deal with the ones I currently have. Any ideas anyone. My second problem is that my skin i
  16. Ive started using Dalacin after about ten years on BP as it seemed to be less effective now. Its worked really good for me as ive not broke out in a while and my skin is looking really healthy. I just have one problen, a big cyst on my forehead. What the best way of getting rid of it or bringing to a head as quickly as possible. It doesnt seem to have changed in over a week and its not like any spots ive had before is massive and painful.
  17. Yeah Im interested in the foundation type stuff. Its expensive but they do offer a money back guarantee if your not satisfied. Heard some favourable reviews but id like to hear from some people who actually use the product before I go for it.
  18. Im just wondering the main differences between these products and which is proven to be the most effective. Anyone got any feedback or information so I am more advised when I visit my doctor. Thanks.
  19. Cells, what product do you use? The Solution and the lotion and whats your regimen for using it day and night. Many thanks.
  20. Ask for a sample from the website I listed you will be quite impressed I was. Only ever found 2 products that have controlled my oily skin and I spend huge amounts of money on cosmetics.
  21. Thankyou for the feedback. I think I am going to try it just to see. I have mild acne now compared with moderate a couple years ago. My main problem now is my oily skin and blemishes on cheeks, chin and around lips.
  22. Also im finding difficult to find out information about Dalacin. Is it known by other names? Can anyone reccomend any sites. Is the solution better for Oily skin and the lotion better for dry? Would moisturising in the daytime worsen the affects of the product. Thanks.
  23. Ive recently been using the PuteTSkin T Mat Express. Its not a makeup but its like a clear liquid Oil Free Gel Powder. This does an absolutely amazing job of controling my Oily Skin. You just apply it to your T Zone and on a night out it lasts the whole night and makes my Oily Skin actually look normal. You can re-apply it throught the day/night aswell. Not sure where you can get it from in the states but a good site with it on in the Uk is www.mankindonline.co.uk By the way im in no w
  24. Ive recently been told about this product and they seemed keen on it. HAs anyone got any experiences with it and is it actually worth me trying it. Would a visit to my doctor be advised to should I just buy it and test it. Also there seems to be 3 different products. The Solution, the Lotion and the Creme. Ive been told that the solution would suit me best but is that true? What are the differences between the products. Would Ketsugo be better for me? I have the most Oily skin.
  25. Didnt think you were supposed to tan while using BP? Apparantly makes it more harmful