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  1. Did your son got cleared on accutane and at which month? is he still clear? Thanks

    1. Oh my god. Please tell me u r better now? Please let me know that month 7 actually worked
    2. Into my 4th month and still very bad cysts and breakouts. No improvement at 40mgs a day at 130 pounds.
    3. My son the same except going into month 4. It has only gotten worse. Tons if cysts all over his face and breaking out. I keep being told it will get better but when is what I want to know.
    4. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it and it made it getting through this weekend easier. I thought I would start seeing some improvement now since it is going into his 4th month but it only seems like it is getting worse. I wake up ever day hoping to see even a little bit if improvement. But nothing. So knowing that your brother did not see any improvement until 5 or 6 months in gives me hope. I wonder if your brother got worse during his treatment like my son is. I sometimes get so a
    5. I need reassurance that the isotretinion my 14 year old is on is going to work! He is 130 pounds and take 40mgs per day. He is now going into his 4th month and his face is worse then ever. Cysts on checks jaw line back is a mess, although it seems to be healing a little but new outbreaks all the time and new cysts. I have read that other people with severe acne did not see results until 4to 5 months. Is there anyone out there who can tell me if they had this happen a d if it took this long t
    6. HI. I am wondering how either of you (gfalz555 or Late Actor) are doing now with the acne? Did it get any better? I am so worried about my son who is 14. He is now completing his 3rd month and his face and back are still a mess. Tons of cysts under his checks, jaw and always still breaking out. It is horrible and I would love to hear that this medicine is going to work. He is starting high school end of August, i was really hoping he would be getting better by then. Did you guys have any