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  1. its a shame liberty hell sucks so much or i'd be over there talking to you right now xoxo

  2. , before I came back here. If you come back, PM me! I hope you are doing great and are happy, beautiful.


  3. tenshi!!! i miss you on the org! come back soon :-)

  4. My only org friend is gone :(

  5. i think i know which 1 you're talking about. i have that at home and made the same mistake. there are other brands that don't contain Zinc. Unfortunately u might have to scrap that bottle for another time and get another 1. personally, i think the ro-accutane alone is enuff.
  6. yea, it's like my friend who only took 20mg a day for 6 months. it wasn't enuff to rid the acne out of her system. just like if u take it again for 2 months at 60mg, good chance it will come back a 3rd time. That said, im on my 2nd course now but my acne is only very mild. because of this, its working faster...im 20/40 i may even clear by month 2 100%. but ill continue to stay on it for at least 5 months.
  7. i use a soothing moisturising mask- by Avene. It's for sensnitive skin and nice for a treat at night. im not abig fan of cetaphil cleanser, but the moisturisers are pretty good. i generally pat it onto my slightly damp skin.
  8. yep, on my 2nd course and i had lots and lots of pimples first time around, cleared me up 98%. now it' came back and only mild, but i wanted to go on it again as it's persistant and i can't handle topicals. i think its worth it. to me, its a wonder drug. but only if u have tried everything.
  9. lmao. i have 480 posts. i thought id have like 15 or something. still, my last account was largely devoted to acne. and probably again now that i have started tane again.
  10. yeah personality counts. its just having the confidence to look past it. then 1 day u will have clear skin and u will be a much better person overall.
  11. it actually doesnt say uncoated. ive looked everywhere. but the soluble stuff is what i really wanted to try.. i just wasnt sure if it had the same effect. cheers..
  12. With the Aspirin Mask. i was looking for tablets i could crush easily into water. i know the best type are the ones that are uncoated/ don't have the waxy film. I just don't know where to find them or can tell by looking on the pack if they are uncoated or not.. My question is, can u use the aspirin that dissolves in water? is it exactly the same? it just seems the way to go when making this mask. it would be a lot easier then having to manually crush it all together. Im in Australia btw, so i