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  1. I've been drinking Americna Ginseng tea, and I don't know if it's because of winter or just the less stress I have now, I have had less breakouts (much less). Btw, I'm Chinese, and my grandma told me that acne is caused by the "heat" in your body. American Ginseng (and not Korean because that will actually make it worse) will lower your "heat" and thus will help with acne. I bought this box of good quality American Ginseng, and it caused like 80 US. The store helped me slice them into small
  2. good for u caroline! it's great to see people finally finding their solution to acne! now just one question about it: what if u eat soup as ur meal? do u suggest not eating soup anymore, cuz technically, u are drinking liquid.
  3. the part about local health food store is referring to places that sells it...
  4. heard that jojoba will make ur face less greasy. if u only use it at night, does it still make ur face less oily during the day? also, what do people mean by local health food stores? i live in ontario, canada. can anyone give me an example of a health food store? GNC? thanks!
  5. Anyone got a breakout from using jojoba oil? My friend told me not to use it cuz she got a breakout from using it...
  6. I think this is my 4th week on it. Before I started this regimen, I got these twin zits on my cheeks (I was on dan's regimen), and so I went on this regimen to see if it would have better results than dan's regimen. What I find is that this regimen helps control outbreaks, but it doesn't do a good job with existing zits. It takes longer for existing zits to go away, but after I went on this regimen, I haven't gotten any new ones, or I should say, no zits, but only small little ones that g
  7. thought jojoba oil is going to help reduce oil on ur face. do a search on it.
  8. where do u buy jojoba oil? do they sell it at walmart?