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  1. It's been about a week since my last post, and there have been lots of changes since then. My skin has broken out around my mouth (extremely annoying and slightly painful with the really dry lips), and my forehead. They tend to be the ones that build up from underneath the surface of my skin, and get red/swollen. The ones around my mouth are whiteheads... Since my last post, my lips have gotten really dry. Usually they form this waxy type of coating which is SUPER uncomfortable. The on
  2. So I'm halfway into week 2, just took pill #10, and it's not too bad. My skin is moderately dry, some flakiness, my lips are quite dry and hurt (as was expected), and my joints don't feel bad. New pimples have surfaced near my hairline and above my upper lip which are clustered, but they tend to subside if they aren't agitated or have any makeup on them. I know for girls that not putting makeup on is quite hard, but it actually helps a LOT. I still use mascara, eyebrow pencil, and a little bit
  3. It's now day 4 of taking the treatment. I have noticed some new pimples, but nothing super drastic. They typically pop on their own after I wash my face. I'm trying to wear the least amount of makeup as possible, drinking LOTS of water, and moisturizing regularly. My lips haven't gotten dry yet, but I apply Blistex often in order to delay it as much as possible. It was quite windy today, so skin feels slightly sensitive. My doctor recommended sugar-free gum to help with a dry mouth, bad breath,
  4. First day ever taking Oratane (Accutane). I took Accutane when I lived at home in Canada, but had to come off of it because I couldn't meet the blood test dates due to moving to Australia. Now, I'm back on their version of Accutane, so we'll see where this goes! While on Accutane, I had some progress. I wasn't on it for very long, and I did have the side effects of severe dry lips and flaky, dry facial skin. My hands were moderately dry, but I didn't notice any other side effects besides th