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  1. I like the new bottles. The only thing I'd probably change is how everything is printed on a sticker rather than the actual bottle like the blue ones were.
  2. I have. I was using Fruit of the Earth's Aloe vera gel but I stopped using it because it stung my eyes pretty bad. I normally have oily, sensitive skin and this did nothing to moisturize, so I would add a small drop of jojoba oil to it (aside from also applying jojoba oil prior.) After that one, I purchased an Aubrey Organics aloe vera gel. Well, it's more like a liquid and I did keep it in the 'freg. I LOVED IT. That one kept my skin moisturized and it contains around 3 ingredients. My skin g
  3. I started Taz a week and a few days ago. I usually use jojoba oil and/or hyaluronic acid (& usually have oily skin, sensitive as well)... but the combination of both wasn't helping with the dryness caused by the Taz. I pulled out a tube of Cetaphil cream I had laying around and it's been good to me. If I use too much, it makes me oily. Something I've always noticed is that I get this glow from it that I love. I've never had any break outs from it. Don't know about the lotion though.
  4. I'm with you. I decided to give Taz a try. I've been using it for about a week. I had to stop using it for two nights because of how "burnt" my skin felt. My skin was flaking. All the clogged pores I had are purging and there's this "group" of clogged pores I had on one of my cheeks that are now ANGRY. They're inflamed and red. My forehead now has these tiny RED bumps. I woke up this morning because I bumped my face with my arm some how and it hurt so bad, a new nodule has arrived! What sucks
  5. Thank you dear. I'm gonna give that a look. I miss my esthetician!! :(
  6. I'm sure if I walked in a derm's office asking for accutane with the way my face is, they'd looked at me like "Wtf." My skin isn't that bad to have to be on it. Lol. Thanks though, and good luck to you!
  7. Hi all, I don't know what to do about clogged pores anymore, more so, the little "skin colored bumps." In past attempts in squeezing them (I knew better and no longer try), I've noted that a little white solid gunk comes out (nothing wiggly). I have tried everything from BP, SA, AHA, & Mandelic and baby brush. More specifically, I've tried NHSFL (Sensitive and SPF one), Dan's BP, Paula's choice SA, Stridex SA, Green cream level 6 and some mandelic I use to use when I use to get facials. If
  8. If anything, jojoba oil has balanced out the oil on my face... as it has also done for others. I use to have to blot every 2 hours or so and now I never blot. It also has helped me with clogged pores. "Studies have shown jojoba and grape seed oil mimic the natural oils that your hair and skin produce." "Jojoba Oil can be used to remove make-up, cleanse clogged pores, soften skin, moisturize hair and scalp plus it is suitable for sensitive skin"
  9. Ehhh, sometimes if the bottle squirts out more than I'd like. I still apply it to my face and if I find it too oily looking I wipe off some that gets left on my hands and go over my face again, gently & I'm good. If anything, it makes my skin looks glowing and healthy. Why? You've tried it and that's what you got?
  10. After I'm done using a baby brush, I try to get it as dry as possible with a paper towel and leave it out on a table in my room. What can I do to disinfect it? I onced tried leaving it in boiling water for a few minutes and all the bristles got messed up. Thank you.
  11. My routine is similiar to yours. I have oily skin as well. I cleanse in the AM with some oats (or Purpose cleanser), apply jojoba oil, apply PC bha 2%, wait about 10-15 minutes, apply aloe vera gel. In the PM, I do the same except I replace the bha with Green cream and wait a bit longer to apply the aloe vera gel. MY face has been fine although I don't know how it'd be without the jojoba oil. Give it a try. If you notice any dryness, tweak the routine a bit... don't apply GC one day/night, or b
  12. aw, thanks for the reply! I actually love the aubrey organics one. I was using FOTE brand prior to that one and didn't really notice a change in red marks(&with the crap that one has, it stung my eyes badly). I also have the lily of the desert brand but they changed the formula and I don't know if the ingredients are ok. I just thought if juice was ok to use, they come in larger sizes and save me some $. ;) I guess I also started freaking out when I read all the articles on "The truth
  13. Can aloe vera JUICE be applied on the face? I'm currently using Aubrey organics pure aloe vera gel. If any of you have tried it, it's like water. It's liquidy. It contains pure aloe vera, grapefruit seed extract and vitamins a,c,e but it's in a tiny bottle. would it be the same to use the juice? which, in most, contain aloe vera juice, citric acid & potassium sorbate? also, i've been reading alot about how these "natural" preservatives are too weak and can't kill off bacteria as well. an
  14. Certified organic aloe vera gel, PEG-33/PEG-8 dimethicone/PEG-14, vitamin e, vitamin a, vitamin c, acrylates/C10-30 alkyl/acrylate crosspolymer, disodium EDTA, phenoxyethanol, sodium hydroxide I purchased a tube of Lily of the deserts aloe vera based on it's awesome reviews but didn't notice the ingredients till I got home. Okay to use on my face? The ingredients use to be : certified organic aloe vera gel, carbomer 940, vitamins a, c & e. I've looked up the ingredients on google &
  15. I was using FOTE aloe vera gel up until today when I ran out. I've read good things about lily of the desert aloe vera gel and decided to purchase that instead. Besides, FOTE made my eyes water. I was looking at the ingredients on the bottle and noticed that everywhere else online I read on the ingredient list, they're different and shorter. The bottle I have reads: Certified organic aloe vera gel, PEG-33/PEG-8 dimethicone/PEG-14, vitamin e, vitamin a, vitamin c, acrylates/C10-30 alkyl/acrylate