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  1. Hey Chaz!!! I made my last post on my accutane log.... Haven't been on that log in months!! Think I'm gonna stop coming on acne.org now. I feel coming on this site reminds me of the bad days when my skin was terrible. Not nice. I am so glad you are also off accutane, I am really paranoid and scared... but I hope everything will be ok for you and I am sure you're skin will stay clear for a long time. I hope mine does too, as I am loving having clear skin... first time since I was 11 years ol
  2. 23 August 2007. Wow, I so can't believe how long its been since I started Accutane. I took my last Pill a month ago. Firstly, I don't like talking about my skin anymore.... I used to always talk about it all the time. I'm amazed I can finally say 'spot' in a sentence without going red and can say 'Just pop that there' without cringing..... Secondly, everyone is complimenting me on how great I look. I feel different too. I have my life back now. I feel like a completly different person!! I d
  3. Hi Chaz! Finally found the time to drop u a lil message So glad to hear ppl saying ur skin looks much better. I just wish my face wern't so red all the time... I am on month 2 and a bit with a 2-3 week gap in the middle from chasing my derm about where my pills are... decreased my dose to 20mg now to save pills cos I hardly have any time to collect my pills from my derm.... big pain cos my skin is getting a little bit more oiller I have decreased my dose!!! :S Grr!!! Its so nice not to get
  4. FRIDAY 26TH JANUARY 40mg I have been ony accutane for over a week since I got my 2nd month prescription. Well, all I can say is OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My face is soooooo red and painful... its burning up as I am writing this and I am ready to cry right now its that bad! My whole face feels swollen and sore and EXTREMLY red! I start my new job on Monday and I have an 11 hour day and my face is gonna look so crap!! I want to cry! I just put cold water on it and the hotness and redness isn't goin
  5. Over the years I have spent sooooooooo much money on foundation! I recently bought this expensive powder I always buy only to find the coolest Mineral make-up on the internet... It looks sooo gd I want to buy it, but I just spent 36 pounds on 2 pots of powder! argh. This mineral make-up sounds really gd! It's called Lily Lolo> http://www.lilylolo.co.uk/home.php . Looks so nice I want it!!! I am starting a new job in a week and I need it because I don't own any foundation. Plus I'll be wearin
  6. FRIDAY 19TH JANUARY>DAY??? Took my accutane yesterday 40mg.....at last!!!! My skin was starting to take revenge. It really has done. Its sooooo red, ouch and blotchey 2day. Few little spots on my cheeks. My cheeks are burning up right now. All my old scars have come up to say hello which is soooo horrible!!!!!!!!!!! I was stranded for 5 hours in town 2day in the freezing cold, with no food or drink and i really needed the toilet! It was horrible. Feeling so terrible 2day, I wanna cry my eyes
  7. I get burning red cheeks... they get so hot and uncomfortable. It looks as if someone has slapped me several times acorss the cheeks! My body is freezing but my cheeks are really hot Its so annoying and embarressing. I hate it when my face turns red (usually mid-day evening time) because it makes all of my old scars appear suddenly and I look so red and blotchey. :S This usually happens very randomly and I can't control it.
  8. Thanks Matty boy! Yeh, hoping i get my pills 2day or tomorrow, if not friday at the latest! Can't wait to have a carrer where I feel somewhat important! I get to wear a suit so that will make me feel better about myself then wearing an apron covered in baked beans and gravey! lol ewwwww. Hehe! xxxx
  10. Hi Chaz, I had rib pain on accutane. Like when I lie down on my stomache and then get up it hurt a bit. Its gone now cos I have been off accutane for a few weeks. Hope I get back on them soon. My skin is getting back to how it was before. I was doing such gd progress before I run out of pills. I had no blackhead on my face and now they coming back!! ahh xoxoxox
  11. Hey Chaz!! Glad u had a great holiday!! sounded like it was fun! Ur skin will be so better soon now ur on 2nd month. I have had a 2 week gap any my skin is getting oilier now! argh. just hope i get my pills this week! I also had rib pain when i was on accutane for first few weeks, now I have had a few weeks gap all my side effects have gone, even my lips are back to normal now. grrr, i want dry skin back. I went for a job interview on friday for a receptionist position. I was so nervous.
  12. SUNDAY 14TH JANUARY>DAY 45 Haven't taken my pills in nearly 2 weeks! My skin is not really dry anymore Can't wait to get my pills next week, I want my dry skin back! Haven't had an active spot for quite a few days now which is gd. My face is still turning bright red now and then. And also gd news for me is I have been able to keep my blushing down. Still blush a bit thou! lol I had a new job interview on Friday! Was sooooooo scary. Was interviewed by some big people who own the company
  13. About 6 months ago I would have been so paranoid about leaving the house without foundation/powder. Now I quite happily leave the house without any make-up on! However, if I go shopping or go to work I always put a thin layer of powder on to cover some redness from my scars.
  14. MONDAY 9TH JANUARY> DAY 40 Had My derm appointment this morning. Went ok, thought I was going to have a blood test but I didn't in the end... Just a pregnancy test! Phewwf. She gave me another 3 months supply and hopfully thats it... she put me on 40mg now for the last few months because she said my skin is looking ok. Will still have to go back every month though which is a pain. My skin is no longer dry after having a weeks gap! Which is really dissapointing. My oily skin is starting t