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    Feel free to add me if you want to! I need friends who understand what I'm going through with my acne :(

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  1. The emotional trauma starts again. I'm a few months pregnant and my acne has flared up with a vengeance. It's even worse than when I went on Accutane 10 years ago, except this time, Accutane and most other options for severe cystic acne are not options while pregnant. I have many huge, bright red cysts all over my face
  2. I'm risking posting again even though I was verbally attacked and insulted for no good reason last time I did here (like someone telling me to "get over it" when I was simply posting my feelings that day..and even accusing me of having a mental disorder when all I was doing was expressing how strangers comments in person hurt me). I'm really stressed because I just found out that I am pregnant. There is so much conflicting information out there on whether I can use Benzoyl peroxide or AHA. But
  3. This was the one and only place I felt safe expressing myself... The whole reason I signed up for this site was for emotional support. Bye.
  4. Get over it. I am entitled to feel what I feel. This is the one place I won't hide my feelings.
  5. My friend sent a text and it said acne instead of can in a sentence. He then sent another text saying stupid auto correct. Even though I know for a fact that it was auto correct, it didn't stop me from obsessing for about an hour of whether or not he was making fun of my acne. Two decades of having people blatantly make fun of and insult me because of my acne has made me so paranoid that I now think some people are making fun of me when they're not.
  6. I am having a good skin day. No zits. Too bad my good mood was ruined by "you look tired" comments" from others....there's no satisfying people...
  7. After months of following the Regimen to the T, I finally started slipping. I've been sleeping with my makeup on for weekends because I can't bear the thought of my new BF seeing me without makeup when I visit on weekends. By some miracle, I haven't broken out from it yet.....but it's coming. I just know it is. Unless my decade+ of acne problems magically resolved itself, I will be majorly paying the price soon. I don't even want to date anymore. Hiding my face constantly is so exhausting. And n
  8. You know what's sad? The highlight of my Friday night was being ecstatic over the fact that my roommates were out socializing... thus giving me plenty of time in the (shared) bathroom to take all the time in the world doing the Regimen. Rubbing zit cream on ny face at 30 is what I do...alone... on weekends ::cries:: ...I just want to know what it's like to look normal. I don't even want to be pretty...just frickin normal (without makeup).
  9. You know what's embarrassing? Seeing bleach stains from Benzoyl peroxide on your significant other's black dress shirt that you know was caused by you laying your head on their chest while cuddling. Eek. He didn't say anything about it, but I'm pretty sure that he must know that it was caused by me. Hey Randall - good to see you around again That's great the regimen seems to still be working well for you. I agree that it's been one of the most effective treatments I've tried for my acne an
  10. I'm so depressed. The Regimen was working amazingly for me. I went several months zit free (a miracle!), but then I had to make a lifestyle change that made it all go to shit. For financial reasons, I had to go from living in an apartment alone to renting a room in someone's house. There's like 8 people and only 1 bathroom. I try to cut corners while doing the Regimen because I can hear people complaining that I'm taking too long in the bathroom. I stopped letting my face dry between steps, etc.
  11. I think that I finally have no choice but to face my fears of being seen without makeup. I've hidden my acne and scars behind makeup for over 10 years. Not even my family has seen me without it in a decade. Due to financial reasons, I'm forced to have to have to stop living on my own and rent a room in a house with 5 other people. I can't possibly keep up the facade for long. Eventually my roommates will have to see me without makeup...unless I plan on doing weird things like making a fast dash
  12. I'm feeling great. Vitamin D3 & Zinc have greatly improved my health, skin, and mood. I just disocvered another benefit.....NO PMS!!!! Usually I would be crampy, super moody, broken out, depressed, etc... But I feel just fine right now!!! I feel so silly for not discovering long ago that being healthier overall improves your skin and emotions.
  13. [Edited link out] That article describes how I feel (just replace the word MS with acne throughout the article & much of it will describe how I feel about my acne)
  14. An oldie, but goodie!

    This is what I was mainly using before Dan's. Dan's BP is now my HQ product, but I won't hesitate to go back to Clearasil Vanishing cream or Clearasil Ultra is Dan's because discontinued. Because this is a 10%, only a very thin layer is needed. Followup with a moisturizer is highly recommended. It's affordable and worked as well as most prescription creams did for me. It kept me much clearer than usual....but it wasn't til I swithed to Dan's Regimen (+ D3 & Zinc) that I became 100% clear. Bu
  15. It's ok

    It's better than no treatment at all, but it would be one of my last choices. It's very harsh, drying, and makes me peel a lot...much more so than any other Benzoyl Peroxide product (I've tried every one at some point over the decades....I'll save you the trouble, go with Dan's!). The texture of the C&C Persa Gel is just weird. It cracks, flakes, and wears horribly under makeup. Once it even left me with this bad chemical burn look across my face. Sorry, can't recommend this at all. It's not