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  1. I just finished my third year of college a couple of weeks ago. I can honestly say that the past three years have been the most enjoyable of my life. I think your college experience is a lot of what you make it to be. I ended up going to a different school than most of my high school friends and I think I made the right call. It defninitely made me more social and I've met so many new people. That said, I think it also depends on where you go. Some experiences will be better than others.
  2. I've been using Dan's BP Gel for about a month now and have had great results (my acne is mild). I'm on the understand that cigarettes and mj are not great for your skin. However, I was wondering about how e and coke might affect my skin. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Last year, the house I lived in (I'm a student) got a whole box of samples of the Nivea products for men. After I ran out I picked up a few tubes from Walgreen's (So Cal). Maybe try Savon or Rite Aid too. I noticed that a lot of the drug stores carry the Nivea for men products, but not always the "Daily Protective Lotion". One of the things I like about it is that it goes on pretty smooth and has a very faint smell. It's relatively cheap also for the size (somewhere in the $6 range). I've