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  1. Everyone talks of the dry skin but mine hasnt really been dry in the true sense. Yes, I peel and get flakes on my scalp and in my eyebrows and around mouth but that is the extent of it. My skin is other wise moist and I only use Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E to moisturize and only at night unless I take a shower in the morning then only a drop or two of rosehip seed oil. My lips are my only side effect. As for the 7 day window, I have filled my prescription the same day both times (I just got my sec
  2. I had a lot of acne. I get deep cysts on my cheeks that last for months and seem to never heal. Same on my jaw line and under my chin. I think the thing that helped the most was the antibiotic they put me on, cefadroxil in combination with retin A while i waited the 30days before accutane. Now that I'm on accutane i am still on the cefadroxil until the end of my second month. So far I've lucked out with the IB. Attached is another pic before i started using the oils and meds. It was end of April
  3. Nope, just the normal burn that you usually get with non diluted TTO. Sometimes i wil put witch hazel on a cotton ball and drop a couple drops of tea tree oil on and rub it around my face. I seriously highly recommend the rosehip seed oil. It has helped so much with my hyperpigmentation. The first picture is my skin in March (the ugly one) second picture is my skin now.
  4. I am on day 26 of accutane and I spot treat with tea tree oil. The only "store bought" lotion I use it gold bond ultimate healing, the rest of the time I moisturize with essential oils and vitamin E. (Rosehip Seed Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E). Went from horrendous (deep pits, blotches, scabs, neverending cysts) to zero breakouts. Only mark I have is from a blackhead I tried to push out on my cheek (you will go through a purging phase where your skin feels like coral/sandpaper and you have a mil
  5. The Cefadroxil and retin A is what i was prescribed by my dermatologist. I used the tretinoin every night but because it is very drying, i mixed with aloe and vitamin E since both are great for your skin and do not cause me skin irritation. The Rose Hip Seed oil was highly recommended by those that i follow on instagram. They all swore it is a life saver when it comes to hyperpigmentation. After using it for a month i would have to agree. I am now on Day 25 of accutane and Day 55 of Cefadroxil c
  6. So I guess no one ever replies to these posts? ok good to know guess I'll stop coming back here to check thanks a lot for the help.
  7. My skin itched SO SO SO bad the first week, then burnt almost like a sunburn. The second week my head started to itch like crazy and get super flakey. I'm on my third week now and things are much improved though the skin around my nose is delicate, I've had my first nose bleed and my lip skin has thickened up and feels like its dry even when it isnt which is probably the most annoying side effect. I use the DAILY WASH from Cetaphil not the Gentle Cleanse, they are two different things and I prom
  8. Ok, so I started Accutane on June 5th. Prior to that I have tried everything unsuccessfully up until May 1st when I was put on a cepholasporin antibiotic called Cefadroxil in combination with Retin A which I had been on previously. Don't know which gave me the results I achieved but by the time I finally started accutane my skin was very much free of active spots. Anyway, my question is about healing. I am on DAY 14 and about 4 days ago burn the roof of my mouth while eating pizza. Since then th
  9. With tretinoin, you need to give a month for signs of improvement. On week three you will have an initial breakout and for some people that starts with immediate use but I promise you it will get better. If your skin is sensitive it may be worse to start, try mixing a small drop of retin a with aloe gel or oil before you apply at night so it does not cause irritation. I use 0.05% every night and only had an IB around week 2 through 3. My pitted scarring has gone down significantly and as of toda
  10. I took my list of previous prescriptions and over counter products, home redies, diet changes and what have you and she literally just said.. I cant believe it took you this long to get on accutane. I start June 5th. If your derm is not a fan of accutane, try a different derm. I find women more willing to prescribe accutane than men but ask straight out, dont dance around it.
  11. My question is... if an ingredient within a suspended state in whatever it is mixed with to package for relatively long term shelf life is mixed with something else, how long would the active ingredient maintain it potency or effectiveness? An example of what I am referring to is with hair bleaching you must mix two compounds that make the peroxide/bleach portion of this product active thus capable of stripping your hair of color, however, after 30 minutes to an hour it becomes completely inacti