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  1. Idk though... he has over 1 million subscribers just on one of his channels, meaning he has quite the influence on many people other than myself. We are by no means "in our own world." rather we actually have established that there is power behind Elliott's word. You are definitely hinting at a point to describe him as distant or different, when in fact there's evidence proving that he is not. Let's take a look at what's truly happening here. I made a thread saying that his videos will help peop
  2. You said "your own world" which by definition means apart from anyone else's
  3. How is it possible for it to worsen but not improve? And the so called "disorder" you fit in with "learning to live with it" doesn't sound like a disorder at all, and even if it is, that's a lot better than not being able to live with it. Also, since him and I share the same ideology, doesn't that mean we're not strangers living in two different worlds? That doesn't make much sense at all. You need a better education. You need a better mindset. How people think isn't completely scientif
  4. Ultimately, you decide how you feel. The environment can greatly influence your decision, but in the end, you are the commander. Mental disorders can be fixed. Isn't evolution sufficient evidence to prove that things change over time? Adaptation is the key element. We've learned in our past through our own ideas to let ourselves be capsized because it's our safezone. He is not the only one with this theory. There are many others, including Miguel Ruiz with "The Four Agreements" just as one examp
  5. Please check out his videos, they'll help you immensely! He has a great mindset and teaches a philosophy that I, myself look up to.
  6. People like Matt Stonie and Furious Pete for example. They eat so many horrible foods, without chewing thoroughly, and their skin is nearly flawless. I've seen a few pimples on Matt Stonie's face before but nothing even close to moderate. I can accept the fact that their stomachs can stretch much more than the average human, but I'm stuck on how their hormones can keep up with all of this binge eating, even if it's only once a week! It shouldn't matter how good their diet is during the week lead