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  1. when you go through pubery, your body is in a transition, which causes a chemical imbalance. Your liver is the maing thig that filters your blood and keeps your natural body chemistry balanced. I wouldnt be surprised if Vanquish 39 is completely right with these claims. Thank you Vanquish I have been eating a lot of salmon lately (almost every day because i got a good deal so i thought i would stock up) and i have never eaten salmon in my life, until now, because i never liked the taste. B
  2. sometimes i get some around my lips, and i find that its usually caused by irritation. your lips can get acne just like the rest of your face, and irritated skin usually gets pimples, i dont know why, it just does. dont believe me?, scratch your face somewhere, and i guarantee in a couple of weeks a whitehead will appear there. I noticed this cuz, sometimes i accidentally scratch my cheek, with a zipper, or the collar of my shirt when i take it off, or put it on. Food itself can cause irrita
  3. if your acne is caused by puberty (horemones)... it has been proven that sex or mastubation causes acne. During sex there is a male sex hormone that gets released (even in females), and it has a direct correlation with an increase in sebum production. I cant remember the exact name of the hormone, i think it starts with a t. anyways, i have seen numerous accounts where my friends who get into relationships, get zits. the most recent incident, is with my friedn, he hasnt had acne as far as i
  4. if you are getting it around your hairline, chances are you have a mild case of some sort of folliculitis, i cant remember the full name. Use head and shoulders shampoo, and be sure to lather on your forehead as well, let it sit on your face for at least 45 seconds and wash it off completely. Make sure you get the head and shoulders without conditioner. if you dont see any good results, try head and shoulders intensive care, its got a different chemical in it but its more effective against it.
  5. i know what you mean, and i think you may be irritating those areas and thats causing the breakouts. I had a cold and i blew my nose alot and i got zits all around my nose, its all about irritation. I also got a zit on my ear and i remember scratching that exact spot. the trick is do not touch your face at all, ever, and when you wash your face dont rub too hard. And make sure the water is not too hot or too cold, cuz it will irritate the skin. even if you have been self consious of not touc
  6. well you may be jinxing yourself, or it may be a little thing i like to call stress. When your face starts clearing up you get excited, but inside, even though you dont really feel derpressed or stressed out you actually are. Your subconsious starts stressing out because you are afraid of a breakout to come along. I find that the more i just stop worrying about it, the better my scne gets. Im not saying forget to wash your face and stuff, but you know, stop freaking out. The biggest source of
  7. I wash my face twice a day with oxy deep pore daily facial cleanser, immediately after using it my face feels fine. but as the day progresses my face starts to get itchy and slightly stingy in some areas, mainly under the nostrils, and around the mouth. Its very mild but it is the most annoying and aggrivating thing in the world. I cant concentrate at all when it happens. i have moderate acne, what do you think i can do? I cant resist itching most of the time and i know itching spreads acne,
  8. most acne is caused by irritation, thats why one side of your face is worse than the other, you should try not to sleep on your face. sleep on the back of your head, its uncomfortable but worth it.
  9. you guys gotta look harder, if you look at the big picture of her then look at the little thumbnail of the same picture, you can se that the thumnail is much nicer. The large photo of her is scale wrong so it looks really wide. but in the thumbnail, its not scewed so it looks normal.
  10. OK GUYS I GOT A RELEVATION. I did some more research and it appears that HEad and shoulders intenive care, is better because it doesnt have zinc in in, but it does contain 1% selenium sulfide, from what i've read, this is way better. here is an except from a medical book. Selenium sulfide Selenium sulfide is a complementary drug for use in rare disorders or in exceptional circumstances Lotion , selenium sulfide 2.5% [not included on WHO Model List] Detergent-based suspension (Shampoo), sel
  11. yo thanks. I was a little scepticle about this crazy new treatment you recommend, because i have never heard of anyone putting shampoo on thier face, i didnt think it was safe. i did some research and it turns out that selenium sulfide is an antifungual. (plus sulfur based soap is good for acne, so selenium SULFIDE, should be good too) here is an excerpt from a medical book about it. Selenium sulfide Selenium sulfide is a complementary drug for use in rare disorders or in exceptional circumst
  12. what i dont get, is what is with the head and shoulders? do you put it on your face? and why cant is contain zinc i bougnt some h&s but it has zinc
  13. i am pretty sure they do, as acne is caused by clogged pores, and a sauna will open your pores and let all the bad stuff flush out. Heat opens pores, cold closes pores. I have a medical encyclopedia, and it recommmends a sauna or just washing your face with warm water, and rincing with cool water, to open, flush, and close your pores. you should also drink a lot of water, because you dont want your skin to get too dry from the after effects of a sauna. you might experience an immediate break
  14. ok, i think i have moderate acne, i get mainly just whiteheads. I dont think its severe because i assume severe acne is where its deep red spots (not whiteheads). mine just seems to be surface whiteheads. when i was younger like 14, i just only got acne on my forehead, and now that i am 18, i still get acne on my forehead, and some around my mouth. I dont really care about my acne that much, i mean it is not the end of the world, or anything. But lately i have become depressed because i dont w