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  1. Hey! I've tried a number of different face washes. I really get on well with Neutrogena's Visibly Refined pore refining facial wash. It's non-comedogenic (doesn't block pores), and I find it really helps. I get it at Sainsburys but it's in all the usual places - Boots, Superdrug etc. You should think about changing your strapline too! - You don't need to seek forgiveness for feeling unpretty - beauty really does come from within.
  2. Stu, Having shopped around a little, the cheapest I can find in the UK is from Holland & Barrett. Their maximum is 500mg timed release tabs. I've been popping these for three months like smarties :roll: and they work really well for me!
  3. Happy New Year all This may have well been asked before, but I gave up at page 17ish! Does anyone in the UK know if these products are available here? Thanks. Chris
  4. Has anyone from the UK ordered B5 from Vitamins.com? Their prices are a fraction of what I'm paying in the UK, but their shipping policy states 1 - 3 months for delivery outside of the US. Chris.
  5. Piso, I expect a large number of the questions asked here have been asked before. That's the nature of a site like this. Have you really got nothing better to do than to criticise others? Why not take the time to read Dan's latest post re. board rules.
  6. Can anyone in the UK tell me a BP cream/gel higher than 2.5% please?
  7. Hi Purepersian. I swear by B5! I don't think it will help with the killing of bacteria, but it definately helps big time with oil production. Excessive oil production will clog pores and make it easier for bacteria to grow and cysts etc to form. Reducing oil production will obviously help this process. I have been on the regime and taking B5 for a couple of months now and my skin is the best it has been in years. I take 10g per day, in 3 or 4 doses, with food. I use Holland & Barre
  8. B5 (pantothenic acid) can be great for oily skin. My skin was slick like for years - I've been taking 10g of B5 daily for a couple of months now, and my skin is starting to look really good, with virtually no oil at all.