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  1. Well I never posted a lot on here, but I really haven't been here for awhile bc the regimen has been working well for me It took about a month and a half or two to get things evened out, but now I am pretty happy with the results. I don't have perfect skin, and have the occasional breakout now and then, but coming from where I was before... I am quite happy! So to those who are having a frustrating first month or two, keep and it, and don't be afraid to give your skin a little break of a nig
  2. thanks, I am happy about it :) thanks, that is what I plan to do :)
  3. I am about 6 weeks in... and I am slowly starting to see improvment, and my skin in general is improving. I still get some breakouts, but not as many, and they are going away more quickly. I had some trouble a week or two ago which I think were caused somewhat by my deviation from the directions (bad), but I am back on track now and things are starting to improve! I had tried the regimen before, but it didn't work for me -- i started off with too much BP I think. This time it is different be
  4. I had never heard of it before, but google says we have one a few miles away! Thanks!
  5. I just use neutrogena oil-free moisture, works great....
  6. Thanks for the quick reply, it does not look like we have either one of those here though Maybe I will have to use drugstore.com after all... Longs and Rite Aid
  7. Does anyone know any major chains that carry the AHA that Dan recommends? I know it's not required, but I want to start using it to help with some of the red marks... They seem to stick around so much longer with all this BP... I know you can get it on drugstore.com, but I'd rather not pay shipping for just 1 little item... I've searched the websites for walmart, target, and walgreens with no luck... anyone know of any major chains that carry the recommended Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Lotion?
  8. I have only been on the regimen about 4 or 5 weeks... and still have yet to have it clear me up... but if it really does work, and I think it will, I am still sticking in there... I wouldn't mind doing it for a long time, a few minutes each day is a small price to pay for clear skin... And yes, people do eventualy grow out of acne, but I am 28, and still have enough that it bugs me, so it can take awhile... it doesn't get better for everyon at 23... not trying to bring you down though, i thi
  9. Can you even get this stuff in the US? I did a google search and everything came up foreign... looked up drugstore.com and they have nothing... is it just available over in europe?
  10. hah thanks, there is usually plenty of that in the shower :-P
  11. Thanks, I will pick some of the liquid stuff up and give it a try... I do like the pump stuff better for some reason...
  12. Well it would sure have to be gentler, bc that is apparently what i need.
  13. I have been using cetaphil, but I am really starting to notice that it burns when I use it in the morning in the shower for the mornnig cleanse... I think it's something to do with having BP on all night, then the cetaphil + a hot shower... anyways, it really burns sometimes, and even 5 minutes after I get out of the shower its uncomfortable. I am just about out of cetaphil, so I will have to buy something soon anyways... so, any suggestions? I am about a month in, and things don't seem too mu
  14. justme34


    I think sleep has a lot to do with it for me. If you think abou it, sleeping is when your body heals cuts and other things like that... I've heard stories of guys in the army who were up for literally days straight, and that little cuts and stuff just didn't really heal, bc they didn't sleep and give their bodies a chance. Sometimes the best thing I can do for my face is get a good 8 or 9 hours sleep.... I know it isn't possible all the time... but when it is, it is good :)